The practices of Opening Up are the practices of 2nd person love, relationship and we-space as well as the practice of being held by and praying to the Divine in 2nd person.

Let’s start with a meditation you can practise in every moment of your life:

“Open, Not Closed” Meditation

We are going to practice opening.

Feel your heart, beating deep in your body, and relax open as if you are offering your heartbeat to the world. And, let this be the opening that you make again and again every day, opening your heartbeat to the world. Conjure up, bring to mind, who do you love, with your heart open, and how deeply do you love? And what are your plans for tomorrow? Are they open as the Unique Self outrageous lover?

And know that in some “now moment,” which is just as real as this moment right here and right now—just as real as this present moment—in some “now moment” your life will end. Are you ready for your death? Did you love outrageously? And if you loved outrageously, then you can start right now. Because when you love outrageously, you re-weave all of the past, you reconfigure everything that has happened. When you love outrageously, you fearlessly walk into the portal of transition which we call death, and right now, in this very moment, you are either opening or closing. You are either living as a gift to all, or you are closed, cut off from the all.

Listen to the meditation from the Awakening Your Unique Self Telecourse and read further below:

Right now in this moment, you are opening as a gift to all, or you are closing. It’s a choice in every moment. How does the choice feel? Relax your muscles, open your senses, and feel into the world around you, as if you are feeling light from a dream. And in this classical mystical practice, breathe this light in, breath it in to your body, and then exhale. And from your deep heart and soft belly offer love outward in all directions as far as you can open to feel.

Your true destiny unfolds freely when you live every moment open as Unique Self and shine as your unique offering of outrageous love. And, go deeper. Feel the tension in your muscles, the clenching in your jaw, the hardening around your heart. Feel the fear that shapes your muscles, that armors your body, your emotions, and your life choices, and then open. Breathe in, and open as you breathe in, and breathe past the shape of the fear. And as you inhale, expand your belly more fully, filling your deep gut with love’s light and energy.

Feel other people. Feel their hearts longing in joy, and breathe their aliveness in and out of your heart in this very moment. And when fear returns, which it always does, and then again in this moment, feel the shape of your closure. Feel your fear. Let it in. Feel everyone’s fear and darkness. But then feel everyone and your own fear so openly that as you feel, as everyone, you feel the shape of their fear, the shape of your fear, your deep-heart love expands.

Breathe this open as the shape of the entire infinite moment with its infinite invitation. Breathe open as outrageous love, and feel your heart melt the fear, because where outrageous love lives, there is no fear. Feel yourself opening in every moment and as every moment. In the practice of full bliss, identify with the emerging consciousness, the nowness of all things, and know that you are that moment, and in being that moment, I’m me, and I’m you, and I am the space between every breath.

And, yes, pain is ever possible, my friends. And, your lover betrays you, and your heart is crushed. And, your effort to avoid pain is as natural as pain itself. Most of life is an effort to avoid the pain, to experience pleasure, and to pretend that everything is ok. But the only way to move beyond the pain is to open fully with your heart radically expanded as outrageous love, and when you fully open in and as any moment, in that moment, you are complete.

So, feel the practice of opening. Release and untie every knot and every closure. And remember, friends, you can be doing separateness and suffering even if you are in a hot tub with your sexy lover. And you can surrender open if you are digging a ditch in the hot open sun. Your heart knows the truth of openness and suffers the tense lie of your closure. Practice openness, the truth of who you—True Self, Unique Self—by feeling the infinite eternity in this moment right now with its invitation that holds you and heals you, right here, right now. And even though you have habit of closure, right now, in this moment, you can always practice opening to feel, open to feel what you are feeling, whatever it is, and when you open to it, your heart opens and melts away that which is in the way.

You can practice opening in a midst of an orgasm. You can be in the midst of an orgasm and collapse closed. You can practice opening in the midst of car accident, staying open. Openness is your natural, divine state. No contraction, no knot. As each moment unfolds, pain and all, you open fully. And, in that opening, you are born. And, that, my friends, that’s the practice of seeing with God’s eyes. The practice of opening to let God see with your eyes is the practice of open, not closed. And, it’s the question you ask yourself in every single moment. Am I open, or am I closed?

Meditation on Being Held and Loved by Reality

from the Awakening Your Unique Self Telecourse