Listen to Dr. Marc Gafni in Session 1 from the 2013 Telecourse Wake Up, Grow Up, Show Up, Participate in the Evolution of Love while he dives into the first 7 principles of Growth.

Below, we will give you an assignment from the same course that guides you through your own evolution of tears, from egocentric through ethnocentric and worldcentric to cosmocentric tears. Participants of the course have reported how potent this practice is. So, use it for the sake of your own evolution and the evolution of love.

Download a pdf-version of the transcript of the session here.


Consider this sentence: Life is the evolution of Tears.

Identify two or three different levels of consciousness in your tears. For example, your tears might reflect egocentric, ethnocentric, worldcentric, and cosmocentric levels of consciousness.

Or, said differently — using a slightly different map of levels of consciousness for those of your who have studied Unique Self teaching — your tears might be pre-personal, separate self, false self, true self or unique self tears. (Pre-personal means pre-separate self, or it might refer to a moment in life – good or bad – which is primal. Raw survival is a pre-personal drive, for example.)

Begin with the crying of a baby, and identify the nature of a baby’s crying, including your own. (Although you may not be able to remember back that far, you can reflect on it.) If you access and give voice to your tears, are they all the same? Or do the tears, in their interiority, grow?

Create a tears line of development in your life: Identify and find the major crying stories in your life. Try and pick at least one, if possible two, and preferably three crying stories.

See if you can detect and discern a developmental trajectory in the nature of your crying. As you go through life, do your tears reflect different levels of consciousness?

As the first part of the practice, share with us a story of tears. Look for a story when you were young. Then give voice to the tears. Share with yourself and with us the language of your tears.

Then in part two if you are up for it, find a second tears story and do the same. Feel the difference between the stories.

Finally if you are up for a home run – find a third tears story. Do the same with the third story.

Then try and see a trajectory. Is there an emergence? Have your tears evolved? Remember – evolution does not move in a straight line. So it is highly possible that while your tears have evolved – you still cry – and still should cry – at this stage in your life, tears from different levels of consciousness.

Hint: the tears of the sage or the yogini are not quite the same as the tears of the baby. Why? What has emerged?

Download a pdf-version of the assignment here.