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Conscious Capitalism meets Your Unique Self

In this first video discussion of a seven-part series.  Both authors of exciting new books, these two visionary leaders meet to discuss how their ideas can make an impact on people's lives in a way that matters. Specifically in this video, John Mackey and Marc Gafni explore the creative impulse that drives our lives' highest expression and purpose. They discuss how, whether in business innovations or moments of play, we can enter flow and access the freedom where we feel those nagging questions of life's ultimate meaning and purpose fall away in the lived expression of Unique Self. As Marc Gafni says in this video, “We are all artists. We all have a tapestry. The process of self-creation, of creating the tapestry of my life is the highest form, not only of purpose and of ability, but of delight. It's the place where purpose meets delight.”

Join the two visionary authors in conversation”¦


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