Watch the start of Dr. Warren Farrell’s educational conversation on Why Men Are the Way They Are on The Oprah Winfrey Show:

How divorce hurts as shared by an Oprah audience primarily of men

In this second segment of this educational conversation, Dr. Warren Farrell discusses:

Why what helps a man succeed at work can be a destructive force at home

In this third segment of their conversation, Oprah and Dr. Farrell discuss the differences that they see when there’s a show with a female audience. Farrell points out:

The importance of communication BEFORE conflict starts

In this short discussion, Warren Farrell discusses what he perceives as:

The sadness and depression in the room

In this Final segment of Dr. Warren Farrell’s educational conversation about Why Men Are the Way They Are, he talks about

How can men and women share the responsibility of communication, family responsibility and generating income?

The broadcast was briefly interrupted by news reporting on the USS Stark attack, which is why this clip appears to start mid-thought.

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