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Gay Methodist

Photo Credit: Religion News Service

By Joe Perez

In certain places in America, conservatives are so scarce they've begun to import them from abroad. Specifically, in Tampa, Florida, where 1,000 delegates gathered for the United Methodist Church's General Conference. While liberal American Methodists pleaded for tolerance for gay people, conservatives from overseas compared homosexuality to bestiality.


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One Response to “Where Americans import conservatives from overseas”

  1. Aleta

    Yesterday I was feeling great because the Reformed Church in America, Regional Synod of Mid-Atlantics just confirmed the decision of the New Brunswick Classis to receive an ordained and partnered lesbian (The president of the NB Classis believes that there have been other ordinations and installations of gay ministers, just none that were openly partnered). Now I am not so sure. The RCA decided years ago not to establish RCA churches in other countries, but rather to work with the indigenous expression of Christ consciousness already existing. Therefore,in the guise of cultural sensitivity (a liberation goal of modern/post- modern missions), it appears that the RCA missed its opportunity to “lift the boats of people in distress” in other countries. I am sad. For every intended consequence of an action, there are 25 unintended consequences. How will World Spirituality discern what is spiritually expedient?

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