The world of therapy, particularly the recovery movement, has made an enormous contribution to Western society and culture. Of course it’s probably also true that Western society and culture contributed much to create the sickness which created the addiction.

Now that we are here we need to find a way out of the malaise in society which contributed the cultural pathologies which created rampant forms of addiction and breakdown in all its various forms. And we need to deal with the effect of addiction and how to heal it.

What we have developed at the Center for Integral Wisdom addresses both of those levels of the disease. We call it Unique Self Recovery, which is based on a simple principle of Unique Self Discovery. Realizing that you have a Unique Self is therapeutic.

The source of all breakdown is some loss of self in an essential way. Therapy and recovery classically deal with the disintegration of self in structural ways but they never actually engage in “re-selfing”. They don’t respond to the question of “Who am I? Why am I here? What is my deepest purpose?” They work on attacks on ego structure that come from yesterdays which need to be addressed, but that’s not sufficient to become whole.

To become healthy means not only to work with the problems of yesterday but to be called to the full presence of today to be called into the future – to have an evolutionary attractor which calls me into the fullness of myself.

Welcome to Unique Self Recovery by Dr. Marc Gafni: