A Somatic Perspective of the Unique Self Teaching

White Paper by Lawrence Gold, Hanna somatic educator


Too often, people get entangled or confused by the whirl of words and abstractions of spiritual teachings not familiarly connected to personal experience.  Zen Buddhist practitioners know this pitfall — confusing the “finger pointing at the moon” with “the moon”, itself.

The solution to this problem lies not in the mind, but in the body-sense, which includes feeling and movement, mind and intuition, and which is the living matrix of all expressions of consciousness available to humans.

This is not reductionism of everything to the body-sense; it’s recognition that “mind” IS the interiority of “body”, two perspectives of, “soma”.

This piece integrates the teachings of Unique Self and of Somatic Educationlinking the languages of spirituality, science and philosophy to immediately accessible and recognizable personal experiences.

Also watch and listen to this beautiful meditation by Lawrence Gold:

The Awareness of Totality is Here-ness