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by Marc Gafni

As many of you know, I have spent the last several years unpacking what I call Unique Self enlightenment. Let me share in a few short words, what I mean by Unique Self. Unique Self is not merely ego or personality, it is the essence that lies beneath and beyond your personality. More precisely, it is the personal face of essence. It is the unique God-spark living in you and as you. Your Unique Self is the infinite love intelligence, which is all that is””living in you, as you, and through you. It is the perspective of your enlightenment. Your Unique Perspective is sourced beyond any and all social, cultural and psychological conditioning. Classic enlightenment is what I call evolution beyond the exclusive identification with ego and the realization of one's True Nature, which is sometimes called True Self. The New Enlightenment of Unique Self is a momentous leap beyond classical enlightenment. In Unique Self enlightenment, you realize that your enlightenment has a perspective. Your perspective has infinite value and dignity and is both the source and purpose of your existence. I have written about this in other places and mention it here in these few sentences because of the implications of this integral evolutionary understanding of enlightenment for the teacher-student relationship.

The Unique Self-teaching has two major implications in the spiritual context of teacher-student relationship.


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5 Responses to “Unique Self and the Teacher-Student Relationship by Marc Gafni”

  1. Kathryn


    I was so excited by this post. Everyone has been glowing with this unique beauty that is impossible to miss. Their very difference from me is suddenly exquisite. Whether it’s at work, having dinner together, or grocery shopping, it takes such a tiny moment to connect. People expand and glow. Their expansion reverberates back and I expand and glow more and it feels like light bouncing back and forth. Suddenly what was merely a personal connection breaks out of the boundaries and we’re meeting in a shared space, a place of love and connection, a meeting of hearts. With my husband of 35 years, where this kind of connection happens continually, it’s like the person I used to know left and all there is is love looking back at me. Truly amazing. I hadn’t really understood what was happening, but your beautiful description makes absolute sense.

  2. mnx

    So far we have no model for teaching ‘enlightened intuition’…

  3. Louise

    Thank you Marc, that was so perfect to me, besides the grammar that is lol! It is really great to see what I believe in writing, especially by someone as well respected as you.

  4. gurulover


    I think you are off base in your view of teacher-student relationships. From your second paragraph – “… it is absolutely essential for the student to be seen and valued uniquely by the teacher.” You seem to feel that once a personal relationship is established, only then can a student start receiving truth. This is not true. I have been with my guru for 15 years and we have yet to have so much as a personal conversation – with over 12,000 students it is somewhat unfeasible. Yet, when I am in his presence at a seminar, I feel he is speaking directly to me. I have not not missed out on a thing. He is simply a channel. His purpose is to teach his students how to go inside themselves to find truth, and he asks for no more than one’s sincerity in accepting his guidance on the spiritual journey until the student is ready to stand on one’s own. He neither needs nor wants any personal adoration from me, and I do not need a pat on the head from him.

    It sounds as though you are more concerned with with personal relationships and making friends – this puts you right in the midst of Ego rather than transcending it.

  5. dolphiniii

    take them by the hands
    look deeply into their eyes
    think healing thoughts about them
    watch your mind quieten
    keep this pose until tears are flowing down your faces
    or if you break out into uncontrollable laughter

    the end result is the same
    Namu Amida Butsu

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