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A Meditation from the “Awakening Your Unique Self” Online Course you can buy by clicking here!

Enjoy the Meditation with Dr. Marc Gafni and Read the Transcript Below


Dr. Marc Gafni, marc gafni, gafni, unique self, true self, meditationGet comfortable. If you are listening to this while you are driving please don’t get comfortable. Anyone else, get comfortable, in a good posture, your back upright, not rigid. Your chest is lifted and open. Become aware of the sensations in your body. Feel your buttocks sitting on the seat. Feel your spinal cord lifting up to the heavens and down, rooted, as axis mundi, as what the Sufis call the pole, into the earth. Your Unique Self becomes the pole between heaven and earth. Feel the sensation of air against your skin, feel your clothes as they sit on your body, feel the air as it moves across your face, feel your muscles throughout your body. Feel your belly.

Be present with the sensations of your body, bring awareness to these sensations and when your mind wanders, gently bring your mind, in a nonjudgemental way, back to center and pick up from where you left off. Become aware of your breath. Feel the breath entering in and out of your nostrils. Feel the warm air, feel the parts of your body that move with the breath, feel your chest rising, your belly expanding and contracting. Feel your abdomen, feel your shoulders dropping.

Noticing, becoming aware, not directing your breath in any way, and stay there for a while, following your breath.

As thought arises, become aware of your thoughts but know that you are not your thoughts. You are aware of your thoughts. Your thoughts arise in the field of your awareness. As you follow your breath, become aware of your emotions, but know that you are not your emotions. Your emotions rise in the field of your awareness. Feel the energy moving in your body. Become aware of the energy, the energy of your body. Know that you are not that energy, but you are aware of that energy.

Now, step into the awareness of awareness. Rest into the field of awareness that holds your thoughts, that holds your emotions, that holds your body. Feel the knower. Who is it that knows? Become aware of your awareness. Become aware of the knower that is you, that is your True Self. Become aware of the awareness that is ever present.

What is it that knows? You are aware of your body, you are aware of your emotions, you are aware of your thoughts. Be aware of the awareness that’s present to your experience. Something in you that knows that you are listening, something in you that knows that you are now sitting. Feel that presence, an awareness, a knowingness.

Feel that prescence, that knowingness, that awareness as a doorway, as a portal to your own True Self. Knowing that the total number of True Selves are one, and that we all share in that seamless code of the universe which is the knower that lives in all of us; the quality of aware-ing, of knowing, let it come forward. Recognize the knower in your deepest being. You are that presence, you are that knowingness, and if your attention has drifted, then become aware of the awareness that knows that your attention has drifted. Know your True Self, your awareness, your presence, your knowingness, in which everything arises.

Now, slowly become aware of the unique flavour, the unique flavor of your presence. Know that you are utterly unique. Sense the signature, the felt sense, the feeling tone, of your own personal energy signature. Tune in to the energy that lets you know that you are you. Access your own irreducible, unique essence. Awaken to the unique flavor of your presence.

See if you can get the feeling tone of your own personal energy signature. Tune in, again and again, to the energy that lets you know that you are you. Feel the personal quality of your own presence, unreplicated any place in the universe that ever was, is, or will be. Feel the personal face of essence shining through you. Feel the energy of All-That-Is, moving in you, as you, and through you.

Dropping deeper, feel into your desire to survive and prosper, and follow that desire to its roots, and then feel into the root of that desire. That desire is the desire of source itself. It’s the yearning of source of All-That-Is, wanting, needing, yearning to survive through you, to awaken through you, to prosper through you, to live through you, to evolve through you, to be the very field of being through your unique aliveness.

Then drop in deeper, and feel into your own deepest love; the people that you uniquely see, that you uniquely appreciate, that you uniquely hold. Feel your unique perception, your unique seeing. Feel source uniquely loving, seeing through your eyes. Feel into your own deep sense of your right to existence, deeper still, your right to creativity, your right to joy; not as a general right, not as a general principle, but as the unique right that belongs to you. To Marc, to Sally, to Rutie, to Tom, to Adael, to Kristina.

Feel source, All-That-Is, expressed in this very moment, manifesting as your Unique Self. Feel the unique call of your life. Feel the unique quality of your experience. Feel the irreducibly unique presence in the world of your face – unlike any other face – in your voice that speaks your truth, which emerges from your unique perspective. Know in your heart, and your mind, and your body that when you live your story, God reality itself saves face. You become, literally, the saviour of God, living in you, as you, and through you, outrageously loving a corner of the world that is unloved that can only be loved open through you. And know that when you lose the thread of your story, that somehow reality itself is defaced. God is defaced. Something is lost that is irreplaceable. And then, in this moment, you realign with your purpose.

Committing to the full aliveness of the purpose-driven life, of the values-driven life, of the eros-driven life, you affect the great Tikkun, which is the great fixing, the great healing. You give power to the force, fixing, healing, evolving All-That-Is to the power of your outrageous, Unique Selfing. In this moment, as you awaken to the full aliveness of your Unique Self, reality is having the unique experience of joy and power; holding with your hand, seeing with your eyes, walking with your legs, hearing with your ears, thinking with your mind, feeling with your heart , embodying as your body making love with your essence. Feel the indescribable joy of being radically needed, radically honoured, radically loved as you become the unique verb that is your name, that is your being and becoming, that is your Unique Self.

Now go forth, see with your eyes, with your irreducibly unique perspective. Give your unique gift and live your unique aliveness. And it is already so. All the obstacles are melted and the word is good to the power of your outrageous love, to the goodness, truth, and beauty of your Unique Selfing.

Unique Selfing – the verb that is reality happening as you, selfing, loving, in you, as you, and through you. And so it is. Amen.

Feel the after taste and feel the utter delight of it.

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