In this audio-dialogue, Claudio Naranjo brings over five decades of immersion, study, teaching, research and publications into the world’s great wisdom traditions, as well as a profound immersion in psychological transformation and transpersonal psychology. Claudio’s life itself represents that of a man who has journeyed into World Spirituality.

This dialogue considers questions including: What are the possibilities and pitfalls of drawing from multiple traditions and paths in a holistic and embodied approach to transformation? How do we develop a personalized path to transformation in the context of respecting the great traditions? What wisdom does the Enneagram system offer to the evolution of a World Spirituality, and are their specific challenges and possibilities for specific ennea-types, and more. . .

Claudio is a Chilean psychiatrist who is considered a pioneer in integrating psychotherapy and the spiritual traditions. He is one of the three successors named by Fritz Perls in the Gestalt movement, one of the pioneering developers of the Enneagram, and the founder of SAT (Seekers After Truth Institute), one of the most influential systems of psycho-spiritual transformation in Central and South America, and Spain. He is the author of numerous books, including Ennea-type Structures, The Way of Silence and The Talking Cure, Songs of Enlightenment, The End of Patriarchy, and the forthcoming, The Healing Journey: New Approaches to Consciousness.

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