Angeles Arrien, Ph.D. was a cultural anthropologist, award-winning author, educator, and consultant to many organizations and businesses. Throughout her lifetime she lectured and conducted workshops worldwide, bridging cultural anthropology, psychology, and comparative religions, and contributed many practices from perennial wisdoms to medical, academic, and corporate environments. She was the Founder and President of the Foundation for Cross-Cultural Education and Research. Her books are translated into thirteen languages and she received three honorary doctorate degrees in recognition of her work in the world.

Angeles’ books include The Four-Fold Way: Walking the Paths of the Warrior, Teacher, Healer and Visionary; Signs of Life: The Five Universal Shapes and How to Use Them, (Winner of the 1993 Benjamin Franklin Award); and The Second Half of Life: Opening the Eight Gates of Wisdom, (Winner of the 2007 Nautilus Award for Best Book on Aging). Her recent book, Living in Gratitude: A Journey That Will Change Your Life is a Gold Medal Co-Winner of the 2012 Independent Publisher Book Awards (IPPY Award) in the category of Inspiration & Spirituality.

She passed away unexpectedly Thursday April 24, 2014, and shortly afterwords her office started to inform hundreds of organizations, colleagues, friends, and thousands of students nationally and internationally of her unexpected death. Her business office is now closed.

Listen to this dialogue on World Spirituality between her and Mariana Caplan.

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