Richard Barrett & Marc Gafni in Dialogue on Unique Self, Organizational Leadership, and the Destiny of Nations

In this much awaited 3-part dialog series, Dr. Marc Gafni and Richard Barrett, president of Barrett Values Centre, discuss the possibility of the development of a Unique Self metrics as part of the Barrett Values assessment and its critical implications for personal, organizational, and global transformation.

You can listen to the dialogues here and read a summary or partial transcript in the blog-posts below the player:

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Part 1: Wisdom for your week: Unique Self, Organizational Leadership, and the Destiny of Nations – Dialogue with Richard Barrett and Marc Gafni

Part 2: Wisdom for your Week: Thought Leader Dialogue between Richard Barrett and Marc Gafni: The Unique Self and the Organizational Success: The Path of Organizational Transformation

Part 3: Unique Self and Societal Development: The Path of Societal Transformation

Stuart Black & Marc Gafni: The Future of Love and Sex

Stuart Black was the Director of the Core Energetics Institute for over two decades and is currently serving as President. He was also the creator of many classic Core Energetics events such as Take A Risk and the Core Spiritual Service.

In this dialogue in New York in Fall 2013 at the opening of the Integral Evolutionary Tantra Institute as a division of the Center for Integral Wisdom, Stuart Black and Marc Gafni have sparked a spirited and entertaining dialogue on The Future of Love, Sex and Eros!

Stream the video of their lively and open-hearted conversation here:

Elliott Ingersoll & Marc Gafni: Unique Self – A Bridge Between Psychology and Spirituality

In these dialogues, Dr. Elliott Ingersoll and Dr. Marc Gafni have partnered up to explore how the Unique Self teaching can act as a bridge between Psychology and Spirituality.

In part 2, they discuss how the Unique Self teaching adds a whole dimension to the more classical psychological teachings on Shadow. Amongst others they explore how mainstream psychology reduces our authentic grandeur to grandiosity and how to let anger show us the way to our vitality.

Listen to this dialogue series with Marc Gafni and Elliott Ingersoll:

Elliott Ingersoll in these talks about Your Unique Self:

“I look at your book [Your Unique Self] as also a book about what I would call transcendent Psychology because you have really mapped what is going on: How do you find yourself on the Western path and lose yourself on the Eastern path?”

“And then why hasn’t it gone further? Are people really that lazy or stupid? Or is there a piece missing?”

“And I think you have found this missing piece, what you are calling the Unique Self.”

“I recommend your book [Your Unique Self] to anybody who’s listening, and if a student of mine is listening, they know I don’t say this lightly: I really think your book is the best bridge between psychology and spirituality.”


Ken Wilber, Sally Kempton & Marc Gafni: The Second Face of God

In this dialogue, Ken Wilber, Sally Kempton, and Marc Gafni–co-founders of the Center for Integral Wisdom–talk about the Second Face of God, God in Second Person, the God as Beloved with whom I can have an I-Thou Relationship, as well as Guru Yoga and a new model for the Teacher-Student-Relationship.

Stream the audio here:

John Mackey & Marc Gafni: Future of Love

The Future of Love teleseries started in 2010 in preparation for the Second Integral Spiritual Experience that was lead by Marc Gafni, Sally Kempton, and Diane Hamilton. We include some of these dialogues in this broader series on Love & Eros.

Stream the audio here: