Iris Benrubi & Marc Gafni at the Passion and Intimacy Summit

Iris Benrubi, Simply Success, interviewed Marc Gafni as part of her “Passion and Intimacy Summit.”

After the interview, Iris wrote:

Marc Gafni’s interview blew me away. He had so much to share about spirituality and he truly knows his stuff. You’ve got to watch this interview because I’m sure he’ll challenge you on some of your beliefs and thoughts! I even took over 5 pages of notes! He’ll also teach you how to awaken your ‘faculty of LOVE’, to create a more powerful love over time and his vision of What’s Possible!

Some of what Marc will also share with you is:

  1. How “I love you” has changed meaning
  2. What the Dalai Lama said to Marc about his idea of LOVE
  3. Distinction between ‘I love you’ and the emotion of LOVE
  4. Dimensions of early love
  5. The software of LOVE and how to access it from SOURCE
  6. What the 20th century definition of healthy spiritual love is
  7. How to define your values to make your relationship work
  8. The best Sex scene
  9. How to honour your partner sexually
  10. The concept of Divorce with GRACE

Watch the video interview:

Marc Gafni at the Conscious Sexuality and Relationship Online Conference with Marc David and Emily Rosen

This video is from the Conscious Sexuality and Relationship Online Conference with Marc David and Emily Rosen, founders of The Institute for Conscious Sexuality and Relationship. This one of a kind online event took a fresh and inspiring approach to relationship and sexuality that unites science, psychology, spirituality, and cutting edge insights.

Learn more about the conference and purchase recordings of the event here…

Stream the video here:

Stuart Black & Marc Gafni: The Future of Love and Sex

Stuart Black was the Director of the Core Energetics Institute for over two decades and is currently serving as President. He was also the creator of many classic Core Energetics events such as Take A Risk and the Core Spiritual Service.

In this dialogue in New York in Fall 2013 at the opening of the Integral Evolutionary Tantra Institute as a division of the Center for Integral Wisdom, Stuart Black and Marc Gafni have sparked a spirited and entertaining dialogue on The Future of Love, Sex and Eros!

Stream the video of their lively and open-hearted conversation here: