Gabriel Cousens & Marc Gafni: Future of Love

The Future of Love teleseries started in 2010 in preparation for the Second Integral Spiritual Experience that was lead by Marc Gafni, Sally Kempton, and Diane Hamilton. We include some of these dialogues in this broader series on Love & Eros.

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Gabriel Cousens & Marc Gafni Unplugged: Liberation Halacha

These dialogues, which took place in December 2007 and January 2008, map out the beginnings of Marc Gafni and Gabriel Cousens’ intention and understanding when they talk about liberation. The second dialogue also contains a discussion about what might be the best possible model for relationship between teacher and student.

Dialogue One: Liberation School of Hebrew Wisdom

Dialogue Two: Deeper into Liberation School and Hebrew Wisdom

Dialogue Three: Liberation and Law; On the Nature of a Liberated Halachot – Towards the Evolution of Halachot

Dialogue Four: Liberation and Law in the Teachings of the Master, Mordechai Lainer of Izbica

Dialogue Five: Liberation and Non Duality

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