Richard Barrett & Marc Gafni in Dialogue on Unique Self, Organizational Leadership, and the Destiny of Nations

In this much awaited 3-part dialog series, Dr. Marc Gafni and Richard Barrett, president of Barrett Values Centre, discuss the possibility of the development of a Unique Self metrics as part of the Barrett Values assessment and its critical implications for personal, organizational, and global transformation.

You can listen to the dialogues here and read a summary or partial transcript in the blog-posts below the player:

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Part 1: Wisdom for your week: Unique Self, Organizational Leadership, and the Destiny of Nations – Dialogue with Richard Barrett and Marc Gafni

Part 2: Wisdom for your Week: Thought Leader Dialogue between Richard Barrett and Marc Gafni: The Unique Self and the Organizational Success: The Path of Organizational Transformation

Part 3: Unique Self and Societal Development: The Path of Societal Transformation

John Mackey & Marc Gafni: World Spirituality Dialogue

This is one of the first recorded dialogues that John Mackey and Marc Gafni had. They talk about the relationship between Conscious Entrepreneurship, Unique Self, and World Spirituality based on Integral Principles.

Stream the audio here:

John Renesch & Marc Gafni: Unique Self and Bridging the Gap Between Wisdom and Practice

John Renesch is an advisor, mentor, futurist and writer on matters of social and organizational change. He believes that commerce holds the key to bringing about a global shift of human consciousness thus creating a future of tremendous possibility for humankind – the possibility that will allow humanity to transcend the inevitable future that can be projected from current trends.

Stream the audio here: