Ken Wilber, Andrew Cohen & Marc Gafni: Kosmic Creativity

In this dialogue (conducted for Naked in 2011), Ken Wilber, Andrew Cohen, and Marc Gafni each offer a 20-minute overview of central topics related to creativity including its connection to evolutionary spirituality and its role as a moral imperative.

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Andrew Cohen & Marc Gafni: Future of Love

Listen to this series of three dialogues between Andrew Cohen and Marc Gafni as part of the series The Future of Love.

Andrew Cohen and Marc Gafni have engaged in dialogues in both formal and informal contexts over a number of years, beginning at a shared retreat in Israel in 2005. One of the major motifs of the dialogues was an attempt to clarify the distinctions between their two visions of enlightened consciousness.

Over the years, students from different communities asked for the distinctions to be elucidated and laid out in a clear fashion. What emerges is that Andrew and Marc share the belief that the realization of classical enlightenment, what is often called True Self, is the ultimate goal of the enlightenment journey. Both Andrew and Marc point to a realization beyond being, beyond the realization of one’s true nature. This evolutionary realization is called Authentic Self by Andrew and Unique Self by Marc.

There has been another dialogue between them that charts some of the shared features and differences between these two visions.  You can read the partial transcript of that dialogue here.

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Andrew Cohen & Marc Gafni: World Spirituality Dialogue

Perhaps no topic in contemporary spirituality is more discussed than the nature of enlightenment and how it relates to the modern, post-modern, and emerging integral world.

Andrew Cohen is one of the most influential figures bringing wisdom that is defining a movement called Evolutionary Spirituality, which identifies essence with the evolutionary impulse itself and issues a powerful call to shed limited identifications of the self. Cohen breaks from classical enlightenment thinkers in his description of spiritual realization as constantly evolving. Marc Gafni, co-founder of CIW and the most influential voice defining Unique Self Enlightenment, offers a view of enlightenment which overlaps and also differs from Cohen’s vision in important respects. Listen to their dialogue about world spirituality based on Integral principles.

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