Iris Benrubi & Marc Gafni: “What is Outrageous Love?”

Iris Benrubi, founder of Simply Success, interviewed Marc Gafni as part of her “Passion and Romance Live Summit.” The video-summit’s theme was passion, romance and intimacy – how to spark it, maintain it and re-ignite it.

After the interview, Iris wrote:

Marc Gafni is brilliant. He is a visionary thinker and wisdom teacher who shares in this magnificent interview what love is really about and how you can create something outstanding with your partner – he calls it Outrageous Love. You’ll learn the 3 mistakes people make in love, and strategies we can begin to use right now to create more love and more passion in our lives. I’ve already started using one of Marc’s strategies and I love the difference it’s made in my life.

Some of what you’ll learn is:

  • The relationship between love, romance and infatuation
  • How Outrageous Love is different than ordinary love
  • What loneliness is truly about, and what you can learn from it
  • The abundant love that’s available to you if you’re open to it… and how to get it!
  • What the 2nd chapter in the book of Genesis says about love
  • What your “soul print” is and it’s purpose

Watch the video interview: