Daphne Rose Kingma, author of The Future of Love, gave an inspiring keynote address at Integral Spiritual Experience 2. After our annual week-long practice retreat, Dr. Marc Gafni and Daphne Rose Kingma came together again to discuss the next step of the journey””how do we navigate the post-conventional territory of love?

The postmodern revolution raised our expectations for love and intimacy””now many of us want to find a “soulmate”, not a mere spouse. The sexual revolution changed the context of commitment in relationships””a series of monogamous relationships is the new norm for many of us. And spiritual awakening changes the very definition of love””if you love everyone, how is your love for your beloved in any way “special”, and how does it meet his or her need to be adored and cherished? Human love dwells in the in-between zone of human paradox, yet it needs a spiritual and an evolutionary context. Love is not only about fulfillment, it is also about self-sacrifice and giving.

So what are the five principles for navigating the post-conventional territory of love? You’ll just have to tune-in to find out!

Listen to Five Principles for Navigating the Post-Conventional Territory of Love here: