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by Kelly Sosan Bearer

The Integral Expert

We all  have shadows, or disowned, repressed, dissociated parts of ourselves, and as we grow and develop from one stage to the next, and even as we grow into higher stages of development, a simple fact remains ”” the shadow does not go away, but rather follows us as we ascend into the higher reaches of self. Is it possible that certain types of shadow qualities are more probable to arise at certain levels of development? When we apply this question to the integral or teal level of development, what types of shadow material will we generally encounter in both ourselves and others? When we have the courage to take an honest view of ourselves, and as we learn more about and live an integral life, what shadow tendencies do we see? Let's explore, with a light heart and hand, the general flavors of shadow material that we may be grappling with specifically once we acquire an Integral awareness. Two specific shadow manifestations that can potentially arise with Integral awareness, at the teal level of development, can be called the “integral expert” and the “1st tier allergy.”


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2 Responses to “The Teal Shadow – Integral Expert, First-Tier Allergy (By Kelly Sosan Bearer)”

  1. Jon Aronstein

    Sorry to rehash my joke, but i was reminded of it by this article: If a spiritual experience happened in the forest, and no integral philosophers were there to explain it, did it really happen?

    Nicely done article Kelly. I will read it again when i have more attention but agree this is an important thread of thought. Embodiment, living in wisdom in every single interaction, in every gesture, movement of the body, etc. That’s the hard part. People get “high” on cognition. I am sure we all can relate to the massive hypocrisy of those who intellectually grab ideas but act in total discordance with what they say.

    “I believe that wisdom is not discovered by knowing the truth but by living it. Unless it is lived it is humanly worthless.” – Thomas Hanna

    Also, I love the term “first-tier allergy”. Reminds me of how, when young children outgrow a certain stage, say Winnie the Pooh and move on to the much “cooler” Spiderman, they have to disavow all things Winnie in order to not be uncool. It is only later when they grow up that they embrace their inner Winnie the Pooh and are much fuller for it 🙂

  2. dagobert

    This article is helping me grow, thanks for articulating the pitfalls of the teal level with such clarity, it’s refreshing and is taking me out of the “integral expert” perspective I have a tendency to get stuck in.

    thanks for the gift! 🙂

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