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Click on Flyer to see an enlarged version!

Click on Flyer to see an enlarged version!

We are excited to announce a programming change to start off the weekend workshop, “The Radical Path of the Outrageous Lover.”

On Friday, October 4th, from 7:00-9:00 pm, Stuart Black replaces Warren Moe in the evening dialogue with Dr. Marc Gafni, entitled, “The Future of Love, Sex, and Eros!”

Stuart Black was the Director of the Core Energetics Institute for over two decades and is currently serving as President. He was also the creator of many classic Core Energetics events such as Take A Risk and the Core Spiritual Service.

Mr. Black and Dr. Gafni will spark a spirited and entertaining dialogue on The Future of Love, Sex and Eros!

Come and join us free of charge, on:

October 4th from 7:00-9:00 pm
located at 150 W 28th St. Ste 1803 NY, NY 10001

We welcome those not participating in the weekend workshop for this event! We look forward to seeing you!

Dr. Kristina Kincaid & Dr Marc Gafni

Two important Notes:

Our 3-week telecourse has started last night with an exciting call. You can still join us! Register here!

And you can also register for our exciting workshop October 18-20 at Esalen with Sally Kempton and Dr. Gafni “Falling in Love with the Divine: Devotion and Tantra of the Heart” here!

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