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Marc GafniBy Dr. Marc Gafni

The following is a condensed excerpt from the forthcoming volume Your Unique Self: The Democratization of Enlightenment.

There are five great awakening of the human spirit. Each level of awakening is to a deeper and more expanded sense of identity and consciousness.

1) Prepersonal to Personal Awakened Self. The first great awakening takes place when the human being emerges from the slumber of immersion in the Great Mother. In the dawn of human existence, the separate self has not yet emerged. This self was, to varying degrees, identified with nature and the immediate environment with no sense of an individuation. At this level, there is no sense of larger frameworks of time beyond the immediacy of the present moment or present day. This is awakening to separate self, or level-one personal. You experience this awakening in your life in the beginning of your journey as your baby self awakens to an individuated identity as a separate self ego. This is the move from the prepersonal to the personal. It might also take place when you free yourself from any pre-personal context, such as a cult or a family system which crushes individual emergence. One expression of this awakening crystallizes in Hebrew mysticism, which affirms the human being as a homo imago dei, a separate dignified self, rooted in the divine, possessed of infinite dignity, value, and adequacy.


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3 Responses to “The Five Great Awakenings ~ by Dr. Marc Gafni”

  1. Suz

    at :39 the recording stops and it says “Plug-in Failure”. Too bad, I was curious about that song. =)

  2. foggygoggles

    Just an FYI–the quote “You’re either part of the problem or part of the solution”, was made by Eldridge Cleaver not Stokley Carmichael in 1968.


    Fascinating to find similarities between the theory of The 5 Great Awakening and Hindu philosophy- The prayer–
    Asatho maa Sathgamaya
    Thamaso maa Jyothir gamayaa
    Mrithyo maa Amrithamgamaya.
    Let us wake up from Untruth to Eternal Truth.
    Let us grow towards Eternal Light- away from the shadow of Worldly Darkness.
    Let us raise our level of consciousness away from Death [The Transient World]towards The Eternal Principle within us.

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