Our vision is of an omni-considerate, integrally developed, effectively and spontaneously self-governing global civilization.

New Social Systems:

An economic system based on ecology, that measures and accounts for all costs, aligning individual incentive with the collective good.  A relationship to resources that focuses on access rather than possession, maximizing the synergistic advantages of effective resource sharing, and incentivizing systemic rather competitive interest. Where all life forms are considered stakeholders whose sentient experience itself is the basis of defining value, and all metrics relevant to their well being are factored in the allocation of resources, optimizing quality of life for all while ensuring that the balance sheet of the commons is maintained. That obsoletes the need for extrinsic incentive systems and holds optimizing intrinsic incentive, towards unique self-actualization for all, as a core design goal of the system.

Governance that is emergent rather than imposed, arising from the effective self-governance of an omni-considerate and integrally developed global population. Collective decision making processes that are free of vested interest and are optimally informed, factoring a comprehensive taxonomy of values and corresponding metrics to optimize for, the distributed effects of any choice across the whole context map of related topics, and the ability to synthesize effective elements of different strategies.

New Infrastructure:

A high-tech, nature integrated, distributed, post-growth and closed-loop materials economy, where our built world harmonizes with and consciously implements the evolutionary design principles of the natural world. Where waste and extraction are both made obsolete through intentional design optimization. Where the evolutionary impulse of existence, giving rise to the dialectic of progress in us, is expressed through continuous ephemeralization within a dynamic homeostatic system, rather than continuous net expansion. Where technology’s ability to create abundance is fully utilized free from the restrictions of an economic system that values and thus artificially manufactures scarcity…and it’s capacity to automate rote tasks is fully utilized, freeing humans from tedious jobs in a new economic system where they no longer need them.

Human technology is embraced as an extension of our unique creativity and of the creative impulse itself, operating through us, as progressively more conscious agents for evolution…co-evolving with our new social systems and story: technology intentionally developed and implemented towards more omni-positive purposes, aligned with a more integral definition of success (inspired by our evolving story and supported by evolving social system incentives)… while in turn adding new capacities that both help evolve our vision of success and support its full realization.

A New Story:

We live in an emerging, self-organizing, self-evolving, fundamentally creative universe. Creation is orderly and law governed while being fundamentally unpredictable. All entities are both interconnected and unique – none are separate from universe, or identical to another. Attractive forces (allurement/ super-gravity/ love) bring parts together, greater synergy is selected for, leading to the emergence of higher order novelty. False dichotomies are reconciled in a higher order understanding of complementarity: universe simultaneously evolves towards ever higher orders of uniqueness and interconnectedness, agency and communion, being and becoming, consciousness and love.

We are at the brink of a phase shift, not just of human society or the human species, but of evolution itself (at least in local universe as best we know)… from unconscious, algorithmic evolution, to agentically mediated, conscious evolution – a fundamental and epoch defining evolution of the evolutionary process itself. Evolutionary processes continuously order more complexity, leading to more adaptive biological creatures with correspondingly deeper interiors. The prefrontal cortex gives rise to the capacity for conscious abstraction and with it, an abstract sense of self, time, causation, order, etc. These give rise to all categories of methodological inquiry, leading to the awareness and understanding of evolution itself, its direction, and the processes by which it’s governed. Awareness of our interconnectedness and our uniqueness. And to conscious agency… all giving rise to universe awakening to itself…aware of the processes and nature of reality that lead to it emerging, and that are still emerging now through it…and able to identify as the evolutionary force governing existence, interconnected with everything, awoke to itself in a unique form with a unique perspective, as a self-aware agent to consciously and creatively evolve universe…whose love and volition and awareness and understanding are all instruments of evolution…with attraction/love at the heart of the whole process, and emergence/creativity as the result…mediated by synergy as a core feature of the nature of reality.

A New Humanity:

All humans aware of the inextricable interconnectedness of all life, and of the universal direction of evolution and our unique ability to consciously understand and participate with it, and of the irreplaceably unique capacity and thus role of each human within that collective human story…shifting from competition to intentional symbiosis, and from identifying as parts of the whole to identifying as stewards for the whole: conscious agents for life and evolution. Interconnected, omni-considerate, utterly unique and consciously symbiotic, technologically empowered, evolutionary stewards of the kosmos.

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