Our vision is of an omni-considerate, integrally developed, effectively and spontaneously self-governing global civilization.


Our mission is to facilitate the emergence of a global civilization that spontaneously self-organizes for the highest good of everyone by fundamentally recoding the underlying structural drivers of human behavior in ways that naturally elicit the development of people’s full empathetic, creative, and collaborative potential, and align personal motive with collective well-being.


Solving problems without changing the basis for why they are occurring doesn’t create lasting success. Our major pressing global issues are primarily the result of human action…which is not the result of human nature directly, but human nature expressed through conditioning, which is changeable. There are technological, economic, and memetic structures in place that collectively create the current basis for conditioning…that all need to be addressed to bring about a lasting systemic shift. The magnitude, complexity, and urgency of our global challenges require deeper shifts in our collective direction than are even being endeavored towards by the current major change efforts.

By changing the conditioning factors of human behavior from ones that predispose harm to ones that predispose omni-considerate benefit, we simultaneously obsolete the basis of our major issues while accelerating evolution towards the realization of our potential.


Phase I: To engage leading thinkers across relevant disciplines to collaboratively evolve the Emergence Model: A proposed model for integrating all major factors that influence human behavior – specifically, all the conditions that predispose harm causing behavior (whether intentional or as externality), and the change of those conditions needed to instead predispose omni-beneficial human behavior. The goal is a set of criteria that are both necessary and sufficient to bring about the spontaneous emergence of effective global self-governance.

Phase II: To collaboratively assess and implement the highest leverage avenues for disseminating the model for maximum influence, towards the realization of the structural shifts its proposes.

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