The goal of this model is to identify a necessary and sufficient set of meta-structural shifts required for the spontaneous emergence of an effectively self-governing global civilization, ie, that shift the core structures that condition harm causing patterns of behavior.

Top Level Taxonomy of Categories of Behavioral Determinants

  • Super Structure
  • Biologic Structures
  • Social structures
  • Infrastructure

Biology and memetics are respectively, the hardware and the software of the individual, while infrastructure and social structures are the hardware and the software of the collective.

All factors that condition human behavior live in these quadrants. Each of the quadrants are fundamental and irreducible to the others, so these categories are both necessary and sufficient for inventorying all sources of human conditioning.

There are influences in each of these areas that condition harm externalizing behavior in humans. Many of the influences within a category are of a similar structural type: we call these meta-structures. Each meta-structure has many specific case examples – though they will all lead to similar patterns of behavior. There exist possible upgrades to each of these metastructures (that also each have many special case examples/ expressions while all conditioning similar patterns of behavior)…that do not condition harm causing behavior…and that progressively, elicit behavior that is consciously evolutionary for the whole.

The minimum set of positive metastructures necessary to condition effectively self-governing humans globally, represent the boundary conditions we seek to create, within which, unpredictable and diverse, decentralized emergence will occur, as a distributed complex adaptive system, that all meet the criteria for effective self-governance.

This framework becomes a lens for strategy at all levels of problem solving and innovation, and a structure for massive engagement and collaboration that ensures effectiveness.

Below is an example of meta-structure shifts, by category:

  • Infrastructure

    • Centralized > Decentralized/ Distributed

    • Linear > Closed Loop (materials economy)

    • Depleting > Regenerative

    • Fixed > Modular/ Adaptive

    • Goods > Services (Posession > Access; sharing structures)

    • Nature/ Technology divide > Biomimicry

    • Commodity Based > Technology Based

    • Labor > Automation

  • Social Structures

    • Economics

      • Win/ lose structures > Win/ win structures

      • Growth > Post growth, Evolving Homeostasis

      • Separate Ownership > Resource Optimizing Commonwealth

      • Transactional Accounting > Systemic Accounting

      • Possession > Access

      • Extrinsic Motive > Intrinsic Motive

      • Competition as driver > Conscious evolution as attractor

      • Profit/ Resource Extraction > Resource Circulation

      • Extraction/ Production cost > Real cost valuation

      • Scarcity Valuation > Utility Valuation

      • Competing metrics > Comensurated metrics

    • Governance

      • Imposed (Command & Control)  > Emergent (Self Governance)

      • Person mediated > Process mediated

      • Conflicting values > Inclusive holarchy of values

      • Imperialistic/ Anarchistic > Consciously self regulating and evolving

      • Implicit outcomes > Explicit outcomes

      • Symptomatic > Cause (solutions)

      • Disintegrated partial solutions > Systems solutions

      • Opinion based > Data based

      • Arbitrary purview > Governance at the level of effect

    • Law

      • Punitive > Protective and rehabilitating

      • Interventionary > Preventative

  • Super Structure

    • Separate parts > interconnected wholes

    • Meaningfully reconciles paradox

    • Neither over reductionistic or relativistic – acknowledges unknowns along with methodology for evaluating truth claims

    • Must reify choice, while acknowledging conditioning (reify self while acknowledging causality)

  • Biological Structures

    • Nutrient deficiencies

    • Toxicity

    • Pathogenicity

    • Structural imbalances

    • Genetics/ Epigenetics

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