Reclaiming Eros: The Inside of the Inside – Part 1

Watch this teaching by Dr. Marc Gafni as our special gift from our Online Course on Reclaiming Eros:

Some of the themes Marc Gafni covers in this video:

  • The lineage of the “Einstein’s of Consciousness”
  • King Solomon, his wives, and the Temple in Jerusalem
  • The Raiders of the Lost Ark – The Ark of the Covenant
  • The Practice of Jewish Yoga
  • The Talmudic Story of the Poisoned Cookies
  • Temple Consciousness and Sexuality
  • Eros in Exile
  • Reclaiming Eros = Reclaiming Temple Consciousness

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Reclaiming Eros Course ImageImagine being fully expressed with an unstoppable life force that aligned you with the will, the desire, the knowledge and the creative impulse to engage ALL areas of your life full-on; without fear or shame stopping you from moving forward. Imagine the transformative power and positive impact you’d have on your personal relationships and potentially be a major influence in the world.

This is what you will learn and become through taking this 9-week video course, professionally filmed on location during the First Festival of Love in Holland.

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World Spirituality Videos with Marc Gafni 2010

The Center for Integral Wisdom presents “Teachings of World Spirituality”

Marc Gafni welcomes you to World Spirituality! People all over the world are stepping away from their ethnocentric view of the world and becoming global citizens. They are understanding themselves in the larger context of the world and viewing themselves in a wider spiritual context. This the Spirit’s Next Move. This is the beginning of a World Spirituality.

Watch these ten videos from 2010 about the emergence of a World Spirituality:

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Opening CWS 2011: Sally Kempton Meditation

This video was taken at the Opening of the Center for World Spirituality, which has been renamed to Center for Integral Wisdom now. Enjoy the meditation with Sally Kempton.

Stream the video here:

Zen and the Art of World Spirituality

with Marc Gafni & Doen Silberman Sensei

In this fireside chat, Marc Gafni and Doen Silberberg Sensei each discuss creativity from their own lineage and perspective. Dr. Marc speaks on creativity from the perspective of the enlightenment teachings and explores inquiries such as: What is the invitation of creativity? Why does it excite us to be creative? Why does it excite us to experience our own creativity? Doen Sensei offers his perspective on creativity, deeply rooted in the Zen Buddhist tradition. Don’t miss this exciting video dialog between the traditions as we unfold the vision of a World Spirituality together.

Stream the video here:

The Core Principle of Western Mysticism – Biblical Consciousness

This recording is from an ievolve seminar in 2009. ievolve was the predecessor of the Center for World Spirituality that was founded in 2011 and renamed to Center for Integral Wisdom in 2014.

What is the core idea of Biblical Mysticism?

Marc Gafni:

The human being is Homo Imago Dei. The human being is created in the image of God. And therefore the human being has infinite adequacy, infinite dignity, and infinite worth. The human being is not reducible, not sacrificable for the sake of a higher cause…

Stream the video here:

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Satchi n Me

Storytelling with Cheryl Rae Fidelman

Enjoy and be enriched by Cheryl’s storytelling quality of voice and facial expressions which invite us all into her Unique Perspective in solemnity and laughter. This is a poetic reflection on “Emptiness” which is well worth a look.

Stream the video here:

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First Fridays

First Fridays and First Saturdays are World Spirituality Services and Community Gatherings that have taken place in different places since the opening of the Center for World Spirituality in 2011. Some of the events were recorded. Some were joined by an international audience via live stream.

Watch this promotional video and watch the live stream recording of the some of the First Fridays/ Saturdays in 2011 here:

Stream the video here:

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Those of us on the spiritual path could agree that the student-teacher relationship deserves an upgrade, not only for the 21st century practitioner-student, but also for the 21st century spiritual teacher.

In this video, Dr. Marc Gafni shares with us the possibility of a new model of the student-teacher relationship.

What characteristics do you think should be included in a new model of the student-teacher relationship for the 21st century?

Stream the video here:

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