Dr. Marc Gafni on Simple Life Radio

On July 6, 2013 Simple Life host Cynthia Fernandes interviewed Dr. Marc Gafni, who shared with her and her audience some of the most cutting-edge teachings on Unique Self and the self-organizing principle of Evolutionary Unique We-Space.

They discuss:

  • why people have a deeper need to start playing a larger game and stop doing business as usual.
  • why people tend to close down when confronted with the huge challenges we are facing as humanity and what we can do about this.
  • the path from Ego through True Self to Unique Self and what it means to be an outrageous lover.
  • the clues to recognizing your Unique Self.
  • how we can “unleash the symphonic creativity of every Unique Self” and how this is key to solving every challenge in the world.
  • why both happiness as well as profit cannot be pursued directly – they are the natural by-product of living our Unique Self and striving for excellence.

Listen to the interview below and read the synopsis of some of the keypoints here:

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Pre-Session CWS Board Meeting 2011

Listen to these short introductory talks by Dr. Marc Gafni from the Pre-Session of the Board Meeting in 2011.

Stream the audios here:

Workshop Marc Gafni Karlsruhe Germany 2011 with Translation

In 2011, Dr. Marc Gafni has been on a two-week teaching tour in Germany. One evening workshop he held in Karlsruhe, hosted by the Integral Salon Karlsruhe (led at this time by our very own Kerstin Tuschik, who actually met Dr. Gafni during his tour for the very first time) and translated by Dennis Wittrock.

Stream the audios here:

ITC 2010: Marc Gafni – Towards an Integral Masculine and Feminine

This presentation, given at the Integral Theory Conference (ITC) in 2010, explores the core dimensions of masculine and feminine shadow. The feminine and the masculine are portrayed through the deployment of the classical Kabbalistic nomenclature of Lines and Circles. Each is shown to have its own unique light as well as its own unique shadow.

Contrary to the classic understanding extant in so much popular literature — in which the feminine is equated with the spiritual, and the masculine with the base — each possess their own distinct shadow. The failure to recognize this elemental truth creates a false view of the feminine with potentially harmful and unjust implications for both the masculine and the feminine.

Stream the audio here and download the transcript below:

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Summer Festival of Love 2013: Introduction – 6 Principles

To give you a little taste of the Mystery School of Love 2013, we want to share with you just the first few minutes of Marc Gafni’s opening dharma talk, where he sets the frame by giving us 6 principles and commitments for the upcoming week.

This is before any of the real dharma got started–it was the first hello:

The 6 Principles and Commitments

No 1: The principle of donkey-smuggling.

No 2: The opposite of pain is not pleasure but comfort. Pleasure always incorporates tension and pain. We are going for radical pleasure this week—not comfort.

No 3: The principle of strawberry ice-cream: We have to be able to taste it. You cannot touch God unless you are in the World Space that “knows God” (Integral Semiotics).

No 4: The Democratization of Enlightenment: A key term coined by Dr. Marc in 2006 and a touchstone of World Spirituality and Unique Self teaching.

No 5: The commitment to stay and be here all the way.

No 6: Loving Our Way to Enlightenment: the core of Marc’s enlightenment transmission–as someone wrote about him recently “he is Rumi.”

Listen to the audio to get an understanding of what these principles mean:

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Ordination Marc Gafni by Jerry Judd

When Marc Gafni started to teach at Shalom Mountain, he wanted to meet Jerry Judd, the founder of Shalom Mountain to receive his blessing and transmisssion and “talk Dharma.” Soon after, he asked Jerry to give him a private ordination.

We have the honor of listening to the ceremony here:

Big Mind & Unique Self

Listen to this dialogue between Diane Hamilton and Marc Gafni interviewed by Dennis Wittrock on the relationship between Big Mind and Unique Self.

Stream the audio here:

Pilgrim’s Way Book Signing

In 2013, Marc Gafni has been invited to share an evening hosted by The Pilgrim’s Way Bookstore at the Carmel Art Foundation after Your Unique Self: The Radical Path to Personal Enlightenment, had won the 2012 USA Best Book Award in the General Spiritual category.

CIW Board Member Steve Raymond gave the introduction.

You can stream the audio here:

JFKU Unique Self Course – Gnosis

What is Gnosis in the context of the Integral Unique Self Teaching? How does it work?

This excerpt was part of the Unique Self Course held for JFK University.

Stream the audio here:

JFKU Unique Self Course – Bliss

What is the feeling of being inside of the 1st person experience? This was part of the Unique Self Course held for JFK University.

Stream the audio here:

Friday Night Salon June 2013 Audio

Gather around the Sabbath table for this World Spirituality “Tish”–a gathering of chant, practice, dharma, and celebration…

Stream the audio of the Friday Night Salon in June 2013 here:

Integral Love Meditation

Love is more than just a feeling. Enlightened teachers through the ages have told us that love is the dynamic ground of all reality. If that’s true, then love can be seen as the actual force that drives evolution—the force the Greeks called Eros—as well as the enlivening joy that opens the heart.

So what is love, when we see it from both a personal and an evolutionary perspective? How do we find it, nurture it, and sustain it?

In this Integral Love Meditation, Dr. Marc Gafni guides us through the heart-gate of love and invites us to engage in a new Integral Love Practice.

Stream the audio here:

A Prayer for Haiti

How do we respond to the suffering in the world?

How did God allow for the earthquake in Haiti?

How did human beings allow for it?

Listen to this prayer that Marc Gafni offered as response to the suffering caused by the earthquake in 2010.

Stream the audio here: