ITC 2010: Marc Gafni – Towards an Integral Masculine and Feminine

This presentation, given at the Integral Theory Conference (ITC) in 2010, explores the core dimensions of masculine and feminine shadow. The feminine and the masculine are portrayed through the deployment of the classical Kabbalistic nomenclature of Lines and Circles. Each is shown to have its own unique light as well as its own unique shadow.

Contrary to the classic understanding extant in so much popular literature — in which the feminine is equated with the spiritual, and the masculine with the base — each possess their own distinct shadow. The failure to recognize this elemental truth creates a false view of the feminine with potentially harmful and unjust implications for both the masculine and the feminine.

Stream the audio here and download the transcript below:

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Integral Chicks Welcome Show

Integral Chicks Kelly Sosan-Bearer and Nicole Fegley interview their guest Sofia Diaz in this Welcome Show.

Stream the audio here: