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Dear Beloved Friends,

Barbara’s deepest heart’s desire was to insure that her classical teachings on conscious evolution, her new teachings and writings of the last four years, and finally the vehicle for transmitting her joined teachings with Marc Gafni — Evolutionary Church — would be the bridge for crossing the threshold between dystopia and utopia.

Her impact on the way we see the world has globally inspired thousands of people to share what we call their unique self and unique gifts to match needs and resources and create a better world. Collaborations and projects of all types — social, political, sustainable, and spiritual — were inspired by her vision for a better world.

In the last three years of her life, Barbara was filled with vitality and her energy was almost exclusively focused on three projects that included:

  • The organization of a library of her life works which she was working to make available online in a sustainable manner so that it may impact the source code of consciousness and culture.
  • The development of a worldwide Evolutionary Church — much like the gospel church that animated the civil rights movement — to tell a new story of love and power that carries us towards higher levels of human and social potential.
  • The co-authoring of a new set of books with leading evolutionary thinkers– which she considered her crowning achievement and the next vital step in conscious evolution.

In the year before she passed, Barbara asked us to commit to the perpetuation of these vital creations of light. So now it’s up to us. Barbara has been our evolutionary beloved, our friend, our colleague and a source of profound inspiration. She has been an global icon of conscious evolution and teacher to thousands. Her greatest dream was the continuity of consciousness.

At this moment — to a very significant degree — Barbara’s continued impact is in your hands. We ask you to please support Barbara’s life work and legacy. We need $250,000 dollars to fulfill Barbara’s vision and to complete the three critical projects she had in place before her passing. If you feel called to help, simply click the link below to donate to the continuation of these projects.

These funds will join with a modest amount of funds that Barbara left in her last will and testament. There will be full public transparency in the way the funds are spent on the website of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution. The Foundation is now taking its next steps in fulfillment of Barbara vision and written instruction.

We are not only committed, we are Divinely obligated to seeing that Barbara’s life work and legacy continues on for centuries to come in the same way that the works of all of the artistic greats — Teresa of Avila, Shakespeare, Voltaire, and Jung– have lived on and influenced humanity for the better.

In the old world, we realized one wealthy family — per the Medici’s in Florence — to do it for us. But today we must democratize greatness and step up to the table ourselves.This is ours to do. Simply click the link below to donate.

With Love,
Marc, Kerstin, Sherwood, Lisa

… and everyone at the Center for Integral Wisdom and the Foundation for Conscious Evolution

P.S. If you haven’t already had the chance to attend Evolutionary Church, which Barbara co-founded and felt was the best vehicle for ‘spreading the good word’, we invite you to join us. We’d love for you to experience the movement that Barbara poured her heart into for the last 129 weeks of her time here on earth. Register for free here.