Venwoude Circle: God Is Eros

The teachings here have been recorded as part of the Venwoude Circle teachings in the 3rd year of its existence.

The Venwoude Circle, a group of about 70 committed practitioners, gathers once a week to practice together. Once a month, Dr. Marc Gafni does a teaching on skype.

The teachings have been deepening over the years. They are mystical teachings on the “inside of the inside.”

The nature of the Sangha plays an important role in this as Dr. Marc points out:

The last 2 years, maybe it’s three years already, the Dharma gates really opened for us at Venwoude. At the Mystery School, and other times that we have met.

New teaching is coming down that now is finally finding its way to the world. We are just so excited. It’s the privilege of you. It’s your energy, it’s your presence, it your integrity, your goodness. The Dharma gates open because the Buddha is the Sangha. Because the community has done work for 25 years. All the work that the community has done, the work that the Center of Integral Wisdom has done. All the work that each of you has done and all the enlightenment practice I have done, all of it comes together. And if we really yearn, if we really pound at the doors, the gates open!

Enjoy and stream the first 10 minutes of the first audio here:

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Mia Cara & Marc Gafni: Domination & Submission

Listen to the first 10 minutes of the dialogue between Mia Cara and Marc Gafni addressing the qualities of Domination and Submission as part of the play of Eros.

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Stuart Black & Marc Gafni: The Future of Love and Sex

In this dialogue in New York in Fall 2013 at the opening of the Integral Evolutionary Tantra Institute as a division of the Center for Integral Wisdom, Stuart Black and Marc Gafni have sparked a spirited and entertaining dialogue on The Future of Love, Sex and Eros!

Stuart Black was the Director of the Core Energetics Institute for over two decades and is currently serving as President. He was also the creator of many classic Core Energetics events such as Take A Risk and the Core Spiritual Service.

Stream the video of their lively and open-hearted conversation here:

Brad Blanton & Marc Gafni: The Future of Sex, Truth & Enlightenment

What is Radical Honesty? What is Unique Self? How do you find the Unique Honesty necessary for you to live your Radical Self?

Join Dr. Brad Blanton and Dr. Marc Gafni for this exciting, 3-part dialogue series exploring a profound set of insights that can create a revolution of consciousness – from our personal relationships to our global future.

From sex to lies to outrageous love, how can we bridge the gap between the personal and the political to create social and cultural change?

Listen to the first part of their dialogue here:

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