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In order to live an awakened life, we need some wisdom to live by. It is the World Spirituality Dharma of Unique Self and Evolutionary Love that provides us with the Integral Wisdom to guide us every day. Our post-postmodern Dharma is not Dogma, but the best take on reality we have based on pre-modern, modern, and postmodern insights, weaving together what we know about the patterns that connect.

Enjoy this collection of 7 Dharma Quotes Graphics for Living an Awakened Life by Dr. Marc Gafni.

Apply these pearls of wisdom in your everyday life and become unstoppable in living and expressing the Outrageous Love at the core of your most gorgeous Unique Self.


Dharma gives you the best possible prism to take you out of prison.

>> The World Spirituality Unique Self Vision of Dharma, Lineage, Students and Teachers <<

Life Is for Pleasure

The goal here is not to get more pleasure OUT of life—but to step so deeply INTO life that you realize that you are awake and aflame with pleasure even in the midst of pain. Your heart gets ripped apart over and over again—outrageous pleasure does not occlude pain—but rather wakes us into the pleasure of being—what’s been called the “aroused feminine waters”—of divine pleasure. This is when you so deeply step into the pleasure of being—you are literally making love with life.

>> Live a Life of Pleasure <<

The Highest Pleasure

The highest pleasure is to know that through my own transformation I transform the world.

>> Grow Up and Transform <<

To Live an Awakened Life

To live an awakened life means to live every moment knowing that reality is always 50/50 and that my very next step determines the whole story.

>> Awaken to Your Unique Self Now <<

It is our turn

There is not only a covenant between God and the children of Israel but also a covenant between the children of Israel and their children and their children… a covenant between the generations. Israel are ‘those who wrestle with God.’ That is us. Every generation is responsible for the evolution of consciousness. It is our turn now.

>> It’s our Time <<

From Pre-Tragic to Post-Tragic

What causes the emergence of the post-tragic level of consciousness is always the deepening into what we might call emotional maturity or wisdom.

>> Grow beyond Tragedy <<

A Transformation of Identity

All the value you generate in your life begins with the answer to one great question: Who are you? There is only one accurate answer to this question. You are a Unique Self, an irreducibly unique expression of the love intelligence which is the animating Eros of the universe.

Your Unique Self emerges from both your unique perspective and the quality of intimacy that only you and you alone incarnate in reality. Together these two dimensions of your Unique Self foster your unique insight which births your unique gifts which allow you to address the unique need in your unique circle of intimacy and influence that can only be addressed by you and you alone.

In Awakening to Your Unique Self your entire experience of reality transforms. You understand that your uniqueness is not merely the casual result of cultural, social or psychological conditioning.  Rather, all of these factors are but the necessary conditions for the emergence of the personal face of essence that is your Unique Self.

In that realization, grasping becomes purposeful action and resignation becomes activism.

>> Transform Your Identity <<

Tweet: When you enter into your deepest self, you realize with absolute shock, joy, & delight that God… needs your Becoming.

Dharma gives you the best possible prism to take you out of prison.—Marc Gafni #PoliticsOfLove #EvolutionaryChurch

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