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July 29, 2019 – August 4, 2019 all-day
Kasteel de Berckt
De Berckt 1
5991 PD Baarlo

At the Summer Festival of Love, we stand for a world in which we’re aroused by Love.

A world in which all women and men of all shapes and sizes, all colors and ages, are affirmed and honored – not by the shape of their body, but by the radiance of their hearts and souls.

Join us to unfold this new vision!

We need you, we need each other!

Co-creating the Festival of love

The Summer Festival of Love is an annual event organized since 2012 by the Mystery School of Love, an Esoteric Mystery School on the leading edge of human evolution. Directed by Marc Gafni, Chahat Corten and Claire Molinard, the School is dedicated to bringing to Europe the dharma of Eros, Outrageous Love and Unique Self, which represent the main topics at the heart of Marc Gafni’s teachings.

Each summer, together with a great team of dedicated teachers and bodyworkers, we gather and co-create a Summer Festival of Love, in which participants are invited to play a larger game and to recognize their inherent greatness and capacity to open to Love.

Through the combination of Marc Gafni’s cutting edge teachings, and a large range of embodied practices, we offer participants a practical guide to evolve their capacity to love and to be lived as Love.

Join us to unfold this new vision!

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