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July 22, 2017 – July 29, 2017 all-day
Meeuwenveenweg 1
7971 PK Havelte

Summer Festival of Love 2017

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22 – 29 July 2017

Summer Festival of Love 2017

Our theme this year will be:

A Return to Eros

Living the Erotic Life

The Festival will take place in the beautiful grounds of Meeuwenveen Retreat center in Holland.

The Summer Festival of Love is an annual event organized by the Mystery school of Love, that takes place every summer in Holland.

The Mystery School of Love was created 7 years ago by Marc Gafni and Chahat Corten. It is an Esoteric Mystery School on the leading edge of human evolution, dedicated to deep, inquiry and practice on Eros, Outrageous Love and Unique Self, which represent the main topics at the heart of Marc Gafni’s spiritual teachings..

We recognize that we are living lives of extreme and rare privilege. As such we experience our obligation to explore and chart the next evolutionary steps in human expression of compassion, integrity, love and enlightenment.

In our inquiry, we include the great wisdom of the spiritual traditions, passed down through history and held by the great religions and philosophies of the pre-modern world. With reverence, we also receive the body of wisdom and insights from the modern and postmodern worlds.

At the same time, we realize that Spiritual wisdom continues to evolve and that it is our unique and joyful obligation to respond to this invitation of Spirit with our whole heart, body and mind in order to create and express new and higher ways of loving each other in compassion and integrity.

Teacher in residence : Marc Gafni

The Teacher in Residence at the Mystery School of love is Dr. Marc Gafni, an internationally recognized spiritual artist, teacher, scholar and social activist. Marc is the author of seven books including Soul Prints, The Mystery of Love and the audio series On The Erotic and the Holy, the awarded Your Unique Self and “Return to Eros “, co-written with Dr Kristina Kincaid, available in July 2017.

Marc is the co-founder and teacher in residence of Center for Integral Wisdom.

Co-creating the Festival of love

Each summer, together with a great team of seasoned teachers, bodyworkers and Outrageous Lovers, we gather and co-create a Summer Festival of Love, in which participants are invited to ‘play a larger game’ and to recognize their inherent greatness and capacity for Outrageous Love.

Through the combination of Marc Gafni’s cutting edge teachings, and a large range of embodied practices, we offer participants a practical guide to evolve their capacity to Love, and to live a fully Erotic and meaningful life.

Come and join us!

Join Us for our pre-Festival Webinar to feel the field and get your questions answered>>>

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