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February 11, 2017 all-day

We invite you to join us for Sacred Retreat!

The sole purpose of the Sacred Retreats is to create a resonant-field in which a planetary awakening in love through a Unique Self Symphony is not only possible, but probable.

Sacred Retreats are an all-day, virtual experience led by Barbara Marx Hubbard and Marc Gafni, designed to create a new community dedicated to the conscious evolution of humanity through each of us.

We will focus on the great issues of our time …. the evolution of our political, social, scientific systems in government, education, justice, science and technology and more from the perspective of evolutionary transformation through a Unique Self Symphony.

Some of the evolutionary themes we’ll cover include:

  • Social Synergy And The Intimate Universe
  • Evolutionary World Spirituality
  • Participating In The Evolution Of Love
  • The Future of Relationships: Role Mate, Soul Mate to Whole Mate
  • Why Evolutionary Love Is Different Than Ordinary Love
  • Becoming The New Human
  • Sacred Texts And Source Codes Of The New Human: Discovering an evolutionary plan of action to synergize the world
  • From Biological to Evolutionary Family
  • Evolutionary Politics: Cultivating synergistic democracy

More Details:

Sacred RetreatSacred Retreat is an interactive, live-streamed event that takes place on the first Saturday of every month. You can ‘attend’ using the device of your choice: computer, tablet or phone.

We will meet from 10:30am-5pm PT. Morning session is from 10:30am-1pm PT, Break 1pm-2pm PT, Afternoon session from 2pm-5pm PT.

Barbara and Marc will introduce an evolutionary theme and articulate a teaching and transmission based that theme. Break-out sessions, chanting and prayer will allow us to ground the transmissions in our bodies and in the noosphere.

All registered participants will recieve replay recordings of Sacred Retreat.

We would be honored and delighted for you to join us as we build a community of pioneering souls dedicated to participating in the evolution of culture and consciousness.

Contact: Support(at) for questions

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