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January 12, 2020 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am


One Mountain, Many Paths is a weekly transmission of timeless and evolutionary wisdom, aggregated through the ages, distilled for today’s great, and terrible realities.

We must drink deeply from the most relevant sacred insights about our human and spiritual nature in order to wake up and grow up into our own maturation and greatness as individuals.  From here we can show up collectively to embody the new era of humanity and unlock our most thriving future. 

Dr. Marc Gafni and the late Barbara Marx Hubbard have devoted their lives to articulating the most precise, impactful integrations of sacred teachings throughout history so we can each show up to One Mountain, Many Paths and leave enthralled by our oneness, purpose and potential!

While there are many paths up ‘the Mountain’, One Mountain, Many Paths is devoted to revealing the mountain itself and this leads to profound, transformational insights that will leave you more empowered to step into your personal purpose as a creator.

>> Attend One Mountain, Many Paths Broadcast This Sunday At 10am PT – If you haven’t already sign up here to receive the Zoom link to attend live and get the replays <<

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