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April 27, 2014 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
San Mateo Event Center

“The Future of Spirituality Panel: Connecting Community Through Mind, Body & Spirit”
with Arjuna Ardagh (moderator), Marc Gafni, Raz Ingrazi, Lisa Schrader, & Sheva Carr

More and more people today describe themselves as “spiritual” while at the same time turning away from the religions and traditions of the past. As we expand beyond patriarchal and dogmatic way of exploring our true nature and our deepest potential, everything is up for reexamination. What is “enlightenment,” and does it have any fixed meaning? Is spiritual practice and expression the same for men and women? Is there any real conflict between a deep spiritual life and involvement in money and the world? What is the relationship between spiritual awakening and social and political action? Are sexuality and intimate relationship a barrier to true awakening, or a portal for deepening?

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Sun, April 27 @ 1pm PT, Room 7

San Mateo Event Center, CA

Info & Tickets here

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