“Being reminded that I had forgotten feels like the first step on the road to remembering.” - Judith Ain

“Marc’ s teaching on Unique Self is radically transformative. As a long time spiritual seeker and integral practitioner, it has opened a whole new dimension of practice and learning for me.” - Claire Molinard

“I obey the deep yearning to express my heart-felt gratitude for the transformations in consciousness that occurred during the ten week course “Awakening to your Uniques Self” of the great master of Kabbala, Marc Gafni.” - Harry de Bont

“You brought together all these wonderful, lovely, warmhearted, amazing people on the portal! An international Sangha! Wow, thank you!” - Johanna Roth

“Dr Marc Gafni’s Unique Self teachings are the most profound, all embracing and powerfully transforming that I have encountered in a lifetime of intellectual and spiritual exploration East and West! Their evolutionary potency is awesome.” - Dr. Gillian Ross

“My life long search has finally found its full sense, sense that I now can and do fully and comfortably embrace. My “I” and “we” are together. My “I” includes “we” inside of me. I can look at the whole world, the whole world can look at me. One Kiss.” – Brahmani Maestracci