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Wake Up, Grow Up, Show Up Series with Lisa Engles and Marc Gafni

In this fifth installment of our series, Marc elaborates on the outrageous acts of love that the Outrageous Lover commits.

First of all, it is important to understand that the Outrageous Lover keeps every boundary that should be kept and breaks every boundary that should be broken. The boundaries that need to be broken are the boundaries of our contraction, our smallness, of living our beliefs, the belief that we are irrelevant, that we are an extra on the set.

The Outrageous Lover commits the outrageous acts of love that are the function of his or her unique perspective and quality of intimacy.

Evolution awakens in and as me in person. That is another profound shift in identity from Unique Self to Evolutionary Unique Self.

As Evolutionary Unique Self I am enlivened by all that is. This allows me to live a life of joy – the joy of purpose, of delight, and of being needed – which is unlike any other life.

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