Marc Gafni on Outrageous Love at the Success 3.0 Summit 2014

Dr. Marc Gafni on Evolutionary Love at “Love: The Final Chapter” (Dec 2014)

This was a special men’s conference exploring what it means to live an inspired life and be in full integrity with oneself, and with each other – evolving love, relationship, and culture itself.

Dialogue from Annie Lalla’s Falling and Staying in Love Evolver Learning Lab

Marc Gafni on Outrageous Love

Dharma Circle Teachings 2013

In 2013, Marc Gafni held two Dharma Circle Teachings on Outrageous Love in San Francisco.

Enjoy the first part of the The Path of the Outrageous Lover here:

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Marc Gafni: It’s Our Time–Remix by John Tarcza

Listen to “It’s Our Time“ – a sound creation using excerpts from the 2013 Wisdom School, with words by Marc Gafni and original music by John Tarcza here:

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