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Your Unique Self: Giving Your Gift ”” Dr. Marc Gafni -- Audio Transcript

Bert Parlee: Marc has an incredible breadth of wisdom and knowledge, not only in the spiritual traditions, but his doctorate is from Oxford, he's a scholar, speaks various languages, and the way he weaves stories, drawing from all streams of life that he brings into his very embodied organic teaching style. Welcome Marc.


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2 Responses to “Newest Thinking on Unique Self, from a dialogue with Bert Parlee and Marc Gafni, at the recent Integral Leadership Collaborative”

  1. Ben Levi

    I just wanted to take ownership of being the creator of the above “transcript” from Marc’s presentation at the Integral Leadership Collaborative conference. Since the above is not an exact transcript, but more of a narrative-style summary, I take full responsibility for any and all errors in content (not formatting… that’s ievolve’s responsibility).

    That said, I found Marc’s presentation to be wonderful. I love this guy… he’s a great blend of Magician and Lover, a true mensch. His creation of a new meme, “Unique Self” provides a transcending and including of Western and Eastern ideas of enlightenment.

    From a lens of Spiral Dynamics, I’m interested in this new meme, which according to Marc, is not a “value” as such, because it shows up at all levels of the Spiral. Rather, he is describing an attribute of human existence which shows up at all levels, but is only recently articulated from a certain value system (whatever one Marc is operating from).


  2. Anita Boyd-Johnson

    What a gorgeous summary of the teachings I have learned from you, Marc, in our work together. I needed the re-view. And thanks, Ben, for your comment above and your work as narrative summarizer. I’m betting that “seamless coat of the universe” is “seamless code”.


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