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World Spirituality Retreat Berkeley 2011

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1-week retreat with Marc Gafni, Sally Kempton, Terry Patten, Mariana Caplan, and Warren Farrell

The goals of this event were simple and clear: to practice love and relationships in an evolutionary context.

Everything we do in the Center for Integral Wisdom context serves the activist intention of reconstructing a context of meaning, commitment, and profound pleasure, which is a sustainable path of joy and responsibility for the hundreds of millions of people in the world who can no longer find their exclusive home in one of the old religions.

The explicit intention for our seven days together was to create a space of deep practice and community which facilitates significant spiritual breakthroughs for individual participants, for the collective intelligence of the World Spirituality community, in the evolution of consciousness for the sake of all sentient beings.

Emerging from the deepest insights and practices of the great traditions, merged with leading edge insights from neuroscience, psychology, and all the modern and post-modern ways of knowing, we are enacting a trans-lineage World Spirituality.

The Enlightenment Practice method we deployed was what we refer to as the Three Faces of Love or sometimes we call it the Three Faces of God. We practiced being God in the first person (Buddha), God in Second Person (Sangha, Relationship), and God in the third Person, through unfolding the largest map of reality that connects all the dots (Dharma).

This practice fosters profound personal transformation at the same time as it participates in weaving the meshwork of transformation for the larger context of local, global and kosmic community. As a commitment to compassion and care for all beings, our practices seek to help everyone be as healthy as possible at whatever evolutionary stage they are at while simultaneously creating the conditions for positive growth through both horizontal and vertical enlightenment.

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