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Wisdom School: Evolutionary Spirituality

Audio Recording February 2010

Second exciting session of an Awakened, Cutting-Edge, Heart-Opening Dharma Transmission given by Dr. Marc Gafni in February 2010 – Along with Deep, Loving, Embodied Process Work led by Shalom Mountain Leaders

The principles of evolutionary spirituality will forever change the way you live, love, be, become and make choices in life, ranging from your relationships, employment, spiritual practice and just about everything else. If you are ready for a bold leap into the future of God and the future invitation of your life, join us at this extravaganza of mind, body and spirit.

  • Unfold the ten principles of the New Enlightenment
  • Reclaim what enlightenment means in your life
  • Understand how enlightenment is not only the joy of your being but also the ecstasy of your becoming.
  • Explore your specific and clear role in the evolutionary context.
  • Learn from the Biblical Mystic Luria, to the realized Hindu teacher Aurobindo, to the Idealist thinkers Fichte Schelling and Hegel, to Teillard De Chardin, Gerard Heard, and Abraham Kuk, who provided the greatest breakthrough of spirit and enlightenment in our time: the path of evolutionary spirituality.

Shalom Mountain’s Wisdom School hosts weekends during which we practice the holy trinity of Buddha, Sangha and Dharma. Buddha is our first person experience of God, Holiness, Tao, Atman, Ayin, Spirit or whatever name you want to give it. Sangha is the sacred, pleasurable incarnation of spirit invoked by the gathering of like minded men and women in a community of purpose and joy. Dharma transmission is a teaching or teacher that creates and “transmits” a space of open heart and in-sight from deep within a spiritual lineage, that holds, guides and illuminates the way of the authentic seeker.

Shalom Mountain’s Wisdom School is led by Dr. Marc Gafni, a renowned spiritual teacher, scholar and visionary who offers us the opportunity to participate in the Evolution of Consciousness, the Evolution of Enlightenment, Evolution of Unique Self and Outrageous Loving toward both our uniquely personal transformation and the Evolution of Love itself.

In the course of each weekend we engage mind, heart, body, soul and spirit in practices of Dharmic study, chanting, yoga, meditation, movement and other experiential integration processes.

Through this recording, you can join us for a weekend where you will experience profound aliveness, joy and transformation for yourself and for the evolution of love on all levels of reality.

Our Price: $47