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Wisdom School: Evolutionary Love, Intimacy and Activism

Audio Recording July 2011

This retreat unfolds the three major themes of Evolutionary Love, Evolutionary Intimacy, and Evolutionary Activism.

  • What does it mean to create an Evolutionary Relationship?
  • What are the five areas of practice that you must live in your life in order to realize yourself as a good, whole, and happy being?
  • What is a realization of Evolutionary Love and why does it literally have the power to change everything in your life?
  • What are the three core skills of Evolutionary Intimacy?
  • How do you personally and directly participate in the catalytic force of World Spirituality whose essential evolutionary impulse is the healing and transformation of self, other, and the world?

We explore these themes through

  • Mind-expanding and heart-opening provocative teachings
  • Sitting meditation and Awakened Heart meditation
  • Enlightenment practices
  • Yoga and Psyche work
  • Group and partner work
  • Deep immersion in the Sacred Texts of integral evolutionary study

Our Price: $47