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Wake Up, Grow Up, Show Up and Participate in the Evolution of Love

4 week course - Coming soon...

Experience the juicy cutting-edge dharma on what it means to up-level your consciousness, grow up to a new enlightenment & explore the healthy & shadow dimensions at each growth level. Choose 3-month plan or onetime pay during checkout.

A long line of evolutionary mystics have found, using the eye of spirit, that all of reality – including enlightenment and love – is always evolving. Our radical invitation is to share in this humbling insight – to Wake Up, Grow Up, Show Up and participate in the Evolution of Love. In this 4-session course, you will explore the ten core principles of growing up, the evolution of tears, and the psychoactive process of growing up; or, in other words, evolving your own consciousness through learning the map of love’s evolution. Dr. Marc Gafni will guide you through a unique seven-stage process he developed, which works to evolve your consciousness as well as your capacity to love — each stage offering an insight, a skill, and a strategy which can expand your capacity for powerful, effective action. In the words of skilled teacher Marc Gafni, “To Live is to Evolve. To Evolve is to Grow. To Grow is the deepest joy and highest purpose of a human life. True joy and pleasure actually require our growth.”

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