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Our First Steps as "Homo Amor"

YOUR transfiguration into Homo Amor

Birthing the New Human and the New Humanity

A 7-Week Online Video Course with Dr. Marc Gafni

When looking at the state of the world today, if your head is not in the sand, you feel a sense of urgency.

There is outrageous beauty and goodness. But there is also outrageous pain. But not of the ordinary kind. There is the pain of dislocation as we enter a phase shift in human history where all of the old narratives of identity are collapsing. In this 11th hour, as we are poised between utopia and dystopia, we have no authentic sense of who we are and what is our personal place in this pivotal moment in human history. 

The old stories cannot hold us. But there are no new stories – rooted in genuine wisdom – that are emerging to guide us. 

But You know there is something for you to do. And yet, what is it? You often feel powerless in the face of our global challenges. You cannot quite figure out what is yours to do and what is not. There is a gap between your ability to feel the pain and your ability to heal the pain. And in that gap you close your heart. 

Maybe, you go about your business, you handle what you can, but your heart is fundamentally closed. And since you have only one heart, you cannot close only parts of your heart. Your closed heart leaks destructively throughout your life and loves.

Alternatively, you exhaust yourself by running from activity to meeting to the next book trying to figure out how to save the planet. Your heart is open but confused and adrift without anchors or a genuine sense of alignment with a coherent vision. So you make no real headway. Your parents and quite a few friends think you are a bit…off. You are lonely. You feel as if the weight of the planet rests on your shoulders. But you have no plan that makes any sense. 

You realize that doing business as usual cannot be the solution to these problems. And yet all the spiritual and political solutions are so clearly inadequate. Neither science, nor the Human Potential movement, nor the great traditions – neither capitalism, nor communism, nor any of the other political systems – are equipped to respond effectively to the current crisis.

But you cannot settle your unrest. It feels to you – although you may not quite name it that way – like divine unrest. 

You want to play a larger game! You want to participate in the big moves that need to be made now. You want to take your seat at the table of history. But you have not quite received an invitation to the table. Or have you? 

You feel like being a Homo sapiens, in the old falsely contrived sense of brutal competition to survive, is not who you are at the very core of your being. 

Strange as it sounds, you feel like reality is directly and even intimately addressing you. 

You have an intuition that what you do really matters. You understand that you are not average. You intuit, although you may not quite say it that way, that perhaps you are at the leading edge of evolution. You feel like your story is personally implicated in the larger evolutionary story. And when your therapist tells you this is grandiosity and your nondual teacher tells you this is the delusion of ego, it does not sit right with you. 

You feel that somehow your transformation needs to serve as a strange attractor. Your vision feels like a “memory of the future”. Your entire life feels like what systems theory calls a minor fluctuation point that can jump the entire system to an entirely new level of elegant and intimate order.

If any of this even vaguely resonates with you, then Congratulations. You have stumbled into the right group of people. You are the right person in the right place at the right time. We prepared this course for YOU! 

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