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Evolutionary Prayer 2011

3-Week Telecourse with Dr. Marc Gafni

Getting into Relationship with God: The Power and Practice of Evolutionary Prayer – Audio Recording

Do you feel that you are able to have a direct, intimate relationship with spirit? Do you ever just talk to God, ask for help, pour out your heart, even problem-solve with the divine source?

As post-moderns, we may feel uncomfortable in the kind of face-to-face encounter with a divine Other that traditional religions taught. Some of us associate the word God with the mythic or fundamentalist God – the scary patriarchal deity of childhood religion, the one whom science rejects, and evolution debunks.

Yet even when we can find spirit in nature, or in our inmost self, we unconsciously miss the comfort and inspiration of relationship with the personal face of the divine. In this course, we’ll unfold a series of integrally informed practices for coming into that relationship. We’ll look at the different forms the personal face of the divine can take, and the different ways that you can relate to the personal God.

At the core of this teaching is the Three Faces of God. Embracing and Living the Three faces of God on a regular basis is the essence of joy, love and enlightenment as lived realities in your life.

What You’ll Learn

Week 1

Being God’s Child: Affirming the Dignity of Personal Needs

  • Who is the Personal God?
  • Evolutionary Prayer Practice: Three Essential Steps to a Powerful Experience of Prayer
  • Neuroscience and Prayer

Week 2

Being God’s Lover

  • Being Loved Open to God
  • Intersubjective Meditation: Receiving God through Another
  • Letting Yourself be Ravished by the Divine

Week 3

Being God’s Partner

  • Why Does God Need A Partner?
  • How to Identify your Unique Area of Partnership with God
  • Directly Access the Experience of Being God’s Partner

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