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Awakening Your Unique Self

Online Course - Coming soon...

Reveal the Life You were Born to Live: A 10-Session Online Intensive, Taking You on a Journey through Love, Shadow, Joy, Ego and Ecstasy into the Awakening of Your Unique Self. Choose 3-month pay plan or onetime pay during checkout.

To awaken to your Unique Self is to be Lived by Love. It is the way to access all of the joy, depth, delight and profoundly powerful meaning and purpose that comes only from glimpsing Your Awakened Unique Self. It is also the way to make yourself a beneficial presence on this planet – right now – which will change the very core of the way you experience reality. It is the way to make your life a gift to “all that is” and it is precisely what will naturally cause “all that is” to shower you with gifts of all kinds in return. This course has been designed to enable you to live an extraordinary life expressing your deepest yearnings.

We live in a world of outrageous pain. The only response to outrageous pain is outrageous love. We live in a world of outrageous beauty. The only response to outrageous beauty is outrageous love.

There is an outrageous act of love that the worlds needs from You. No one else but You is capable of addressing that unique corner of Un-Love and healing it into Love. Do you have a clear idea of what a truly purposeful life feels like, but you don’t know how to get there?

Have you experienced moments of spiritual realization or enlightened states of consciousness, but you don’t know how to integrate them with ‘normal life’?

Maybe something seems missing, and you are hungrily searching for peace of mind; a deep sense of meaning and fulfillment in your life.

Imagine what it would feel like to have your relationships, your work, and your inner world be aligned with your purpose, and to live your day-to-day life from that expression. If any of this feels familiar, then the Unique Self course has been created specifically for you.

Come and experience the richness of knowing the workings of the mind, the divided selves that we become, and the realization of God, unity, redemption, and transformation.

This course is not business as usual; rather, it is an exhilarating learning journey that invites you to engage the material, wrestle with it, study it, embrace it, discuss it, and understand it. But most of all, it will allow you to embody it, to move past your hesitations, and embrace the YOU that is ready to step into being. The YOU that the world deeply needs. The YOU that is bursting to come alive.

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