Manitoba Teachings

Audio Recording with Marc Gafni & Mariana Caplan

World Spirituality Retreat Berkeley 2011

Audio Recording

Esalen 2012 World Spirituality Retreat

Audio Recording

Wisdom School: The Evolution of Love

The Faces of Love 2012 - Audio Recordings

Wisdom School: The Seven Types of Sexing

Audio Recordings March 2013

Wisdom School: The Future of Eros 2012

Audio Recording March 2012

Wisdom School: Evolutionary Love, Intimacy and Activism

Audio Recording July 2011

Wisdom School: Gateway to Enlightenment

Audio Recording August 2010

Wisdom School: Evolutionary Spirituality

Audio Recording February 2010

Wisdom School: The Path of the Evolutionary Lover

Audio Recording October 2009

Wisdom School: The Future of Eros

Audio Recording January 2009


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