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Each of these Senior Teachers is at a different stage in their development in relation to Unique Self. Most of them have studied with Dr. Marc very actively for a period of years. Others are newer to our world but have stepped in with an enormous investment of self. Every single person is committed in significant long term fashion to the unfolding and spreading of the good news of the Evolutionary Unique Self and the emergent Evolutionary We space that is its natural result.

All of us understand at the very cellular level that the teaching of Personal Enlightenment, which is the essence of the Evolutionary Unique Self teaching, is a vital building block in the Evolution of Love. Participating—humbly and audaciously—in the evolution of love by awaking to our Evolutionary Unique Selves—evolution awakening to itself in us, as us, and through us—personally—is a lodestone in the emergent World Spirituality. Naturally, this entire teaching is refracted through the prism of genuine Integral thinking. The awakening to Evolutionary Unique Self needs to include growing up to your highest level of consciousness as well as waking up to your most profound True Self state; it must appear in all four quadrants; it embraces the unique combination of lines of development that form your gifts and that literally means that you awaken to your unique type expression of essence.

See what Senior Teacher for Unique Self Steve Raymond is saying about the group of teachers and teaching centers at CIW:

Barbara Alexander

Barbara-Alexander-2013Barbara Alexander M.A., M.Div. is an Integral practitioner and teacher whose practice is based in Marin County, CA. Her passion for human development spans 35 years of training and practice in Integral Coaching, Integral Theory, Gestalt Therapy, Esoteric Healing and Spiritual Direction. Barbara’s experience enables her to work with both the “waking up” and “growing up” aspects of the journey. The Unique Self dharma has deepened and widened her framework both theoretically and experientially. Barbara is developing training programs in the Unique Self Method as a natural evolution of her own development and service to the world. While she loves using the Unique Self theory and practice in her work with individuals and groups, she is passionate about making it available to helping professionals including coaches, spiritual directors and clergy. Together with Claire Molinard, she is Co-Founder of Unique Self Coaching.

Barbara is also passionate about World Spirituality and the Unique Self dharma as foundational to it. She will never forget the shiver of excitement that arose the first time she heard Ken Wilber talk about a trans-lineage path because it was what she was seeking. No longer comfortable in one tradition, she longed for a path with rigor; one that included the wisdom and practices of the great spiritual traditions rather than setting them aside as anachronisms no longer relevant to the 21st century. She is honored to offer her gifts and participate in Spirit’s next unfolding.

Liza Braude-Glidden, M.A.

Liza-Braude-Glidden2Liza Braude-Glidden, MA, Baubo Ayelet, is a mystic in the marketplace. She is co-founder and Executive Vice President of Culture and Sustainability at Beanfields, a healthier snack company featuring beans as the primary ingredient. Beanfields is a certified B corporation that combines award winning taste, better nutrition and social good. As a mystic, Liza’s prayers, songs, rituals, and articles on community and intimacy have appeared in many publications. Her original rituals (mostly co-written) have been performed in many public events. Her ritual texts are featured in the 2006 anthology Creating Circles and Ceremonies. As a Kripalu Yoga Teacher, she taught postures and meditation in many contexts. She is a former leader of the Venice Poetry Workshop and taught creative writing in the California State Prison System.

Elizabeth Helen Adael Bullock

Adael BullockSquareInformed by her clear vision of the unique gifts in people, Adael has been a teacher, trainer and process leader for over 20 years. Exploring the world and the edge of consciousness from a very young age, Adael has an embodied knowing of who we are in our divine perfection, along with all the possibilities this realization opens.

As both a student and teacher of evolutionary love, she guides her clients into seeing and knowing their own capacities to live and love generatively, fully, and with focused intention. She has worked with a broad spectrum of people, from inmates to artists, inviting authentic self expression to arise and true power to be manifested.

The Unique Self teachings and her own experience provide the framework for her leadership of transformational experiences. Adael has a shamanic connection to the natural world and an intuitive ‘seeing’ of what is hidden and of what calls us to delight, devotion, and pleasure.

Chahat Corten


Chahat Corten (1955) is one of the founding members of Venwoude, an internationally acclaimed Dutch community and retreat center dedicated to heart-based living, personal growth and spirituality. From its beginnings in 1988, she stood with her late life partner Ted Wilson in holding together and developing this dynamic, experimental, on-the-edge organization.

Thoroughly cooked in the complexities of intentional communal living, Chahat blends penetrating wisdom in the realms of relating, intimacy and sacred sexuality with gentle compassion, holy laughter and ecstatic creativity.

In her wondrous life journey, she had the privilege to meet and study with numerous great spiritual teachers from all over the world. All these doorways into the miracle of our existence have shaped her unique realization of emptiness and fullness, wisdom and love, culminating in her deep, wide open heart.

Together with Marc Gafni, Chahat birthed in 2012 the Mystery School of Love, with its stunning Summer Festival of Love in Holland, an 8-day cutting edge event on Love, Eros, Intimacy and Sacred Sexuality (see

In 2016, after dedicating 28 years of her life to Venwoude, giving it her all and drinking in all its great blessings, Chahat followed a calling to move on. She first spent a year abroad (in Bali and the USA) and now lives in Amsterdam,

Supporting and guiding people to live from the Radiant and Unique Self Quality that is each and every-ones True Essence is her deepest passion.

Chahat has been empowered as a World Spirituality teacher.

Lori Galperin

Lori GalperinCroppedRetrospectively, I realize I have been thinking about “Unique Self” for a lifetime. Early on, I began to consider connection & estrangement, and, as subcategories: identity, interiority and both the inevitability & elusiveness of intimacy. Subsequently, these areas coalesced into the psychological, the spiritual and the systemic. When I became a therapist, almost 27 years ago, initially, my professional focus was relational & sex therapy– restoring connection. Organically, this
focus began to enlarge to require confronting and understanding the impact of trauma, loss and ruptures in, or blocks to, attachment. Subsequently, I have been learning, teaching in the U.S. & abroad, writing book chapters & journal articles and creating multiple therapeutic programs in the fields of sex & marital therapy, trauma, addiction & eating disorders. Fortunately, every teacher, client, colleague, & audience instructs –every single day.

When I met Dr. Marc Gafni and read Soulprints; The Mystery of Love, and then, Your Unique Self, I recognized something in quintessential and elemental alignment. I have since embarked on a project to distill and integrate Marc’s profound and revelatory teaching with my own intersecting thoughts, conceptual frames & modalities. The unfolding creation is called Unique Self Recovery. It’s aim is to synthesize and harness vital transformational elements and present them in a clear, potent & accessible manner that can catalyze and promote growth, healing and authentic embrace of self and other.

Thomas G. Goddard, J.D., Ph.D.

tom-goddard-100x100Dr. Tom Goddard, a psychologist, has designed and led in-person and online trainings for most of his professional career. Over the last 15 years, he has focused his teaching on experiential trainings in various aspects of the emergent AQAL Integral model and, more recently, Unique Self dharma. Throughout, his deep interest has been to support people and organizations in transforming themselves into balanced, healthy beings fully capable of loving themselves and others, and therefore equipped for the great task of evolving Love itself. Dr. Goddard is authoring the World Spirituality Practice Guide, which offers a series of disciplines, injunctions, practices, and rituals related to every dimension of World Spirituality realization.

Jeff Hilliard

Jeff Hilliard CWS headshotSquareCroppedJeff Hilliard is a therapist, a leader of psychological-spiritual growth retreats, a storyteller, and a visual artist. Long an integrator of disparate paths and practices, Jeff has embraced the Unique Self Dharma as the largest and most enlivening human-divine story available. In his one-on-one work with individuals, he is exploring the transformational power inherent in the teaching of Unique Shadow-Unique Self. With a team of leaders at Shalom Mountain Retreat Center, Jeff is developing an intensive, process-based, small group retreat that enacts the expansion of identity and purpose that is Unique Self Enlightenment.

Philippe Joannis

ph-joannis-100x100Philippe Joannis, President of CIW France, studied mathematics, computer science and business administration before earning a Master of science – from ENSIIE Paris – France). He then studied philosophy at University of Paris Sorbonne – while being a street magician and a bridge competition player. He finally joined Apple Inc and held various business positions before leading Apple Education in France. He became president of Micro Conseil International – an international sales and marketing company based in Paris working with more than 45 countries.

Philippe likes to play with perspectives and to create connections between people, ideas and worlds – magic, psychology, business, photography, music, rhetoric and marketing. He is committed to connect the French speaking community and the World Spirituality vision and to contribute to create a true global movement . Philippe lives near Paris with his wife Cécile and their five children.

Vinay Rao Julapalli, M.D., F.A.C.C.

Vinay-100x100Vinay Rao Julapalli, M.D., F.A.C.C. is founder of Integral Cardiovascular Center, PLLC. He has been active in private practice in cardiology for the last five years and intends to integrally transform the future of medicine. He sees that healthcare is at a pivotal juncture in its transformation from acute care of disease to the promotion of wellness, a shift that can flourish only by transcending and including old paradigms through integrally informed and validated injunctions.

“Medicine is suffering a broken heart. To make it whole, we need to co-create and implement leveraged actions on the front lines of community practice that entail win-win, conscious solutions for all — our community, employers, physicians, and other healthcare providers. The result will be no less than the grand unfolding of a new, integrated future of health and well-being.”
In solidarity with his brother Venu, Vinay’s Unique Self has called him to help enact this mission.

Vinay graduated from medical school at the University of Texas (San Antonio) and completed medical training in internal medicine, cardiology, and interventional cardiology at the University of Texas (Houston), home to the largest medical center in the world. During his medical training, he helped create and implement changes in protocols that have transformed the way acute myocardial infarction is treated in the community. He practices in north Houston and is on staff at Memorial Hermann – The Woodlands Hospital and Houston Northwest Medical Center. He was recently elected Chairman of Cardiology there for 2013-2014.

Venodhar Rao Julapalli, M.D.

Venu-100x100Venodhar Rao Julapalli, M.D. is founder and president of Integral Gastroenterology Center, P.A., an active private practice in gastroenterology. Inspired by the works of Ken Wilber, he started his practice in 2005 with a passion to bring an AQAL approach to patient care. With extensive experience on the front line of the American health care system, he has engaged in the best of what traditional allopathic medicine can offer and lamented the vast flatland of unconscious healthcare. His mission, with his brother Vinay, is to consciously co-evolve the practice of medicine.

Venu graduated from Stanford University with a B.S. with Distinction in Biological Sciences. He was elected a member of Phi Beta Kappa. He completed medical school at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, with election to Alpha Omega Alpha. He underwent medical training in internal medicine and gastroenterology at Baylor College of Medicine, where he continues to serve as a volunteer clinical instructor. He practices in north Houston.

Venu’s spiritual stream has flowed from his mother’s traditional Hindu rituals to Ken Wilber’s writings, from Vipassana to Adyashanti, and now to Marc Gafni’s Unique Self insights. He believes the Unique Self holds the key for all stakeholders in healthcare to enjoy lives well lived.

Dr. Kristina Kincaid

Kristina-KincaidCropped-300x300Dr. Kristina Kincaid is the Director of the School of Integral Evolutionary Tantra (IET) in New York City. IET teaches, coaches and mentors individual to take the next step in self-transformation. IET was created to develop cutting edge Leaders, Projects and Initiative of conscious collaboration in the world. IET understands that in order to respond to the challenges that face our planet today, it is imperative to create a WE-space, where we as individuals, and individual systems, realize that enlightened consciousness is beyond ego, and is the essential next stage of self-transformation.

The School is an affiliate division of The Center for Integral Wisdom (CIW), a non-profit activist think tank founded in 2010 by Marc Gafni, Mariana Caplan and a leadership team that has expanded to dozens of the most respected spiritual teachers, leaders, authors and activists in the world. CIW is articulating and advancing a spiritual movement that is moving across the globe in the hearts of people everywhere. Evolving the source code of human existence is the urgent need and great planetary adventure of these times. Kristina is a CIW Scholar and a member of the Board of Directors.

Kristina is on faculty at The Institute of Core Energetics and holds an M.A. in Energy Medicine and a Doctorate in Theology from Holos University. A graduate of the Institute of Core Energetics and the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, she also holds a B.A. in Anthropology from the University of Texas, Austin.

She is also a Senior Teacher of the Unique Self Enlightenment Process. Her Eros and passion for the Unique Self work, includes not only the depth and heart of the teachings but also the visceral, bodied realizations that are transmitted through the dharma and grounded through physical practices. The teachings allow a process of real, radical transformation. She is honored and excited to be part of bringing out into the world, this cutting edge transformational work pioneered by Dr. Gafni.

Kristina is also the Chairperson and creator, along with Dr. Gafni, of the, and Projects. Outrageous Love Projects are community writing and art projects being utilized to birth the inner Rumi, the inner Outrageous Lover, in every man, woman and child. A grass roots movement that was birthed from Dr. Gafni’s creation of a community practice of writing outrageous love letters. The movement’s intention is to literally democratize enlightenment, empowering everyone to radically participate in the very evolution of love itself!

Lastly, Kristina has traveled extensively studying indigenous healers around the world and documented her findings in a film series called “In Search of Healing.” Her passions include the deep mysteries of the body, genetics, and evolution. Her journey has taken her into deep explorations of the feminine and healing around sexuality. She has a Healing practice in New York City.

Claire Molinard

Claire MolinardClaire Molinard M.Sc, PCC, Vice-President of CIW France, is an Integral master Coach™ and the Co-Founder of Unique Self Coaching Collective. Along with Barbara Alexander, they have designed a Unique Self Coaching process that facilitates Unique Self emergence based on the Unique Self teachings and Integral theory. Initially trained as an Acupuncturist, with graduate Studies in Chinese Medicine, Philosophy and literature, Claire has lived and worked in various places of Africa, Europe, the Middle East and the US. Her spiritual journey spans from studying Aurobindo’s Integral Yoga in her early twenties to Ken Wilber’s philosophy and Integral Theory. As a Unique Self lineage holder, Claire is committed to coaching individuals and change agents to embody their Unique Self. As a long term Zen practitionner, Claire feels deeply sourced by both transmissions, and is most at home in the trans-lineage movement articulated by Ken Wilber and Marc Gafni at the Center for Integral Wisdom.

Steve Raymond

Steve Nov 2012cropped2My personal drive has always centered upon teaching that raises social consciousness. This drive has engaged me in causes such as racism and sexism, end-of-life care and conscious dying, and infant development and conscious birthing. Beginning in 1981, I explored transpersonal therapy processes as a path of spiritual and philosophical Self-understanding, and served as Director of Training for a deep experiential therapy association teaching these methods. I have most recently been a teacher and group facilitator in the Breakthrough Men’s Community in Carmel, CA, and practicing deeper immersion in Integral and Unique Self practice.

From my first experience of Unique Self dharma and practice, I knew I had finally come into an intellectually expansive body of deeply satisfying spiritual work with tremendous Heart and Love. I am deeply Grateful my life has led me to the stunningly deep work of Dr. Marc Gafni, and the gift of being a teacher of Unique Self Enlightenment. My desire is to expand societal consciousness in the realms of men’s work, conscious birthing and dying, and coaches assisting others with life actualization. I am a master of deep Shadow work in multiple forms, and value doing this work with individuals and in groups. I am currently practicing and forming an Awakening Your Unique Self Study Group in my new home city of Portland, Maine.

Shelly Reichenbach

Shelly's Bio shotCropShelly Reichenbach has worked her entire life in the synergistic spin of the restaurant business, including a variety of management roles. For 20 years, she has been involved in transformational work, with a focus on embodied practice. As part of her contribution to Shalom Mountain (her Spiritual home) and the Wisdom School, Shelly facilitates community events, leads retreats for couples, and is co-creating a new Shalom Mountain-Unique Self Enlightenment process. She has been absorbing the Unique Self teachings for several years in intense study within the Sangha and as a private student of Dr. Marc Gafni. She has found incredible value in the dharma and is excited to offer the weaving of these maps with experiential learnings to move people from the constriction of small self, unconscious patterns into the freedom of their divine gifts.

Tonya Tbird Luv Ridgely

tonya ridgley 225Tbird is bringing out the artist in all of us and empowering the lives of others through playful and artistic intervention. Her musical genius is about taking risks and creating beauty all at the same time while promoting our own subjective beauty to “make the world a better place” from our unique point of view.

Tonya writes, “It is with great honor to dedicate my life to becoming a living example of what it means to be an actualization of a Unique Self. As I step into this magnificent way of being and practice this way of life, in the name of LOVE, I am committed to sharing the tools and knowledge of Unique Self teachings to become contagious and irresistible in the hearts of my human community. Aho – it is so. So be it.”

Kerstin Zohar Tuschik

KerstinZoharSquareI am the Executive Director of the Center for Integral Wisdom and coach and teacher based on Integral Wisdom Distinctions.

I have been a teacher for almost all my life – beginning as a teacher for professional dance. After studying human resources development in 2002/2003, I have taught workshops and seminars on different business-related and personal development subjects (soft skills, communication, team and organizational development, project management, etc.). But the most joyful for me has always been to teach people about personal and spiritual development and doing deep transformational work with them. Some of my unique gifts are to deeply connect to people, to hold their light and dark sides at once, to open and hold sacred spaces, and to see the connections between seemingly distant subjects like spirituality and physics, business and dance, personal and societal development.

I am very passionate about spreading the dharma and practice of Evolutionary Unique Self, Eros, and Outrageous Love, and about facilitating the emergence of the Unique Self Symphony in order to co-create a world of peace, love, and joy for all of us humans and all sentient beings. I love to support people in living their Unique Selves and to facilitate their Unique projects in the world. To be able to receive, embody, teach, and transmit the Unique Self Dharma, and–with the help of God in 1st, 2nd and 3rd person–to contribute to it, is the deepest joy of my life.

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