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By Joe Perez

In truth, there is no division between spirituality and politics that can be found in The Way Things Are. If you believe, as I do, that there is only one True Self and that every unique individual is a completely whole and infinitely valuable Unique Self which is one and the same as that Ultimate Identity, then how can there be a separation?

In an Integral view of ethics, care and justice evolve in ever expanding reach from egocentric to ethnocentric to worldcentric to kosmocentric levels. Ultimately, there is a sense of self-identification with responsibility and empathy for all sentient beings in all times and places. Thus, politics -- which I define broadly as the expansion of our circle of concern to ever wider levels of embrace -- is deeply wedded to our sense of self and our understanding of the nature of reality.


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One Response to “Is a politics based on World Spirituality conservative or liberal?”

  1. Donnal Walter

    Well said. So, I have two questions. (1) What can we as individuals do to promote civil dialog among conservatives and liberals? (2) How can we as Integral Spiritual/Political beings help raise the level of the dialog beyond ethnocentric?

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