Integral Wisdom Publishing is our new publishing venture that brings the 3.0 Integral Wisdom, World Spirituality, Unique Self, and Outrageous Love approaches into the world of books and publications.

Part of this greater initiative is our collaboration with Integral Publishers founded by Russ Volckmann, the editor of the Integral Leadership Review, in partnership with Keith Bellamy and Brett Thomas. Brett produced the first iteration of the Awakening Your Unique Self telecourse. Keith’s vision and dream of what was possible initiated the relationship between Dr. Marc Gafni, the Center for Integral Wisdom and Integral Publishers.

Integral Publishers published Your Unique Self and the two academic volumes Radical Kabbalah. They have also published Tears and Self in Integral Evolutionary Mysticism. At least two more books will be published with Integral Publishers.

Additionally, we now have our own publishing house. Integral Wisdom Press is exclusively for books about World Spirituality, Eros, and the core structures of thought and heart that we are evolving within the Center. Our books are all rooted in Integral wisdom, with the aim of changing the source code of culture.

Since these early discussions, this venture has further evolved. Adam Bellow, Editorial Director at Broadside Books (HarperCollins) and Publisher/CEO of Liberty Island Media, has joined the managing team. Many new book projects are being developed in different stages of emergence.

Adam Bellow and Marc Gafni are acting as Co-Editors in Chief, Kerstin Tuschik as Managing Editor, and Ginger Kern as Associate Publisher and Publications Marketer for this new publishing house.

If you look within the portal, you can find a list of published books that we have worked on over the years even before the Center started. Here, there is also a complete list of works in progress in the Activist Think Tank Portal. As more books are published, they will be available to purchase within the media store, on Amazon, or directly through Integral Wisdom Publishing.